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Corey Eats The Cum Off Austin’s Stomach

Corey fucks Austin bareback then eats their cum off Austin's tattooed stomach

When Austin got his first look at Corey’s long dick he immediately told the photographer at 18 Up Studs he wanted a piece. Corey agreed to do a mutual jerk off video with Corey but once the guys are naked and jerking next to each other Austin can’t control himself. Austin is stroking Corey’s hard cock then moves himself to Corey’s lap and starts sucking his long skinny dick. Once Corey’s dick is covered with spit and dripping precum Austin rubs some lube on his ass and sits down on Corey’s cock. The guys are so horny they don’t bother with a condom and Corey gets to work fucking Austin’s smooth twink ass bareback every which way. Austin seems to love Corey’s big dick in him as much as Corey likes giving it to him. The action is intense and non stop as the guys move right from one position to another and neither goes soft. The way that Austin starts the action deep throating Corey’s long cock and the aggressiveness of Corey fucking his partner you’d think that Austin would be the cum whore but in a twist to the end it is Austin that bends over to lick the cum off Austin’s tattooed stomach and eats it. In the end both men are satisfied; Austin had his fill of Corey’s cock and Corey his fill of creamy jizz juice.

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Grant Fucks Jackie Boy

Grant and Jackie Boy have gay sex

Grant had already told the producer at 18 Up Studs that he was going to fuck the hell out of Jackie Boy before the two amateurs had ever met. Grant had seen Jackie Boy’s other videos and knew that they were going to have fun. The guys hook up at a cheap hotel and chat for a short time before they start making out and taking off each others clothes. Grant is really horny and loves the feel of Jackie Boy’s pierced mouth moving up and down all 7.5 inches of his long skinny cock. Jackie turns to hover over Grant as the guys 69. The intense fucking is really fun to watch but seeing Jackie Boy in a 69 with Grant was my favorite part. I’d switch places with either of them easily! Grant rims and fingers Jackie’s hole then flips him onto his back to shove his hard cock up Jackie’s ass. Grant said he was going to fuck the hell out of Jackie boy and that is exactly what he does. Grant slams the skinny skater boys ass from a few positions before pulling out and moving up to spray a huge load of jizz across Jackie Boy’s smooth chest. Soon after, Jackie adds his own cum to the mix. Like usual for Grant, his cumshot is amazing.

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Amateur Oliver’s Big Dick and Cum Shot

see more of Oliver’s videos here

After watching Oliver shove his long thick cock into Grant’s tight ass I became interested in finding more. Lucky, Oliver has a few videos at 18 Up Studs. This little gem is one of my favorites on the site. Oliver talks a little about his sex life and winters in cold Michigan before stripping naked and applying a generous amount of lube to his over sized cock. The close up pictures and video of his hard veiny cock is awesome! We get a really good look at his big smooth ball sack hanging down near his smooth ass with his legs in the air. It’s such a come fuck me position. Oliver’s cock wants some special attention and he’s the guy who can give it. He bends over to put the tip of his hard dick into his mouth and licks the head of his own cock. The sitting self suck position doesn’t allow him to get much more than the head of his dick into his mouth so he rolls onto his back throws his legs over his head and brings his big cock right down to his face. Oliver continues to stoke, lick, and suck his cock until he cums into his mouth and eats his juicy load.

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Grant Bottoms and Takes Cum Bath

Big dicked skater dude Oliver meets up with tattooed new comer Grant at 18 Up Studs for some cock sucking and deep ass fucking. Oliver is one of my favorite guys with his cute face, tight hairless body and wide cock. Grant is a newer model having only done a handful of porn shoots. Grant has a thin body, a nice long dick that looks at least seven and a half inches, and always sprays an incredible cum shot. The 2 do a brief interview where Oliver tells Grant to get his ass prepared because he intends to dominate him. Grant doesn’t bottom very often but the thought of doing it with Oliver gets him a little excited and the action starts. They take turns sucking each other then Oliver puts a condom on and goes to town on Grant’s hairless ass. Grant jerks his cock as Oliver pounds the hell out of him and sprays a huge cum shot that goes up his hairless chest up to his neck. Oliver pulls out of Grant’s ass, removes the condom, and dumps his load onto Grant’s face. By the big smile on Grant’s face, I know he loved every minute of it.

Watch the preview here

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Skater Dude Jerks His Big Shaved Dick

Peter Ash strokes his 8 inch cock at 18 and up studs 

When the guys at 18 and Up Studs first saw Peter the first thing they thought was yum.  This straight 20 something skater dude with dirty blond hair, a cute face, and a nice body was looking for some money so they invited him back to their place and video taped him.  Peter takes off his shirt to start.  He has a tattoo on his shoulder and a very smooth completely hairless chest and stomach.  Peter plays with his dick a bit while he watches some porn to get nice and hard before taking off his ripped up jeans.  His fat dick stretches across his white briefs and pokes out the side it is so big.  After a few more strokes, off comes the underwear to give us a completely unobstructed view of his fat shaved dick and balls.  Peter’s cock has got to be at least 8 inches long and his hand barely fits around the shaft it is so thick.  I bet there are plenty of people who have choked on that impressive piece of meat or wish they could try.  Like most amateur first timers, Peter doesn’t put on too much of a show as he pounds his pud but he is fun to watch as he strokes his big dick until he cums. 

18 and Up Studs have the full length video of Peter Ash getting off in their members area.  They have lots of other first time skater and punk types in solo and hardcore action too.  Visit 18 and Up Studs today to watch Peter and lots of other amateur skater types get off.

18 Year Old Matt First On Film Jerk Off

Matt Jacks Off at 18 and Up Studs

While browsing through the model directory at 18 and Up Studs I came to Matt’s picture and immediately clicked.  He has such a cute puppy-dog face.  The site owners found Matt at a local club, talked him up, and brought him back for this, his first shoot.


Matt looks a little nervous as he slowly removes his shirt and pants.  He leaves his plain gray baggy boxers on for a while as he plays with his dick.  It’s just a guess, but, I have a feeling that there was some hot porn playing off to the side because he constantly looks that direction and as he does his dick gets bigger and harder.  His dick pops a nice tent in his underwear as he continues to stroke it.  Matt has a nice smooth chest with pierced nipples and a little treasure trail of hair that runs from his belly to the base of his dick.  He takes off his boxers to show us his nice hard dick.  The pubes are trimmed but look natural and aren’t shaved off like so many of the twinks you see all over the web.  His dick is average size and stands up nice and straight.  Quietly, Matt continues to stroke his cock and occasionally plays with his nipple ring and tugs on his smooth ball sac.  One of the nice things about Matt’s pictures and video is the close ups.  We get to see his balls, cock, stomach, and chest right up close.  Watching him change between a regular stroking motion to the Texas Grip is a total turn on.  As the intensity builds, Matt strokes faster, cups his balls, pants a bit, then shoots his cum onto his nice smooth chest and stomach. The look on his face after the finale is priceless. 

Matt’s full length jerk off video, as well as an action scene, are only available at 18 and Up Studs.  Visit 18 and Up Studs today for more first time twinks, jocks, and average Joe’s in amateur solo and hardcore action.

Vohn Fucks Fox

Vohn fucks Fox at 18 and Up Studs

Vohn and Fox are straight friends with benefits who both hope that their wives don’t find out they did this video.  Fox and Vohn start kissing each other on the bed.  It doesn’t take long before both are stroking each others hard cock and Fox puts Vohn’s full length in his mouth and down his throat.  Being a good friend, Vohn returns the oral favor then turns Fox on his side for a fucking that he won’t forget.  And neither will we.  The action doesn’t let up until Vohn cums onto Fox’s tender, stretched out hole.


Go to 18 and Up Studs to watch the full length video and see more of Fox and Vohn’s pictures as well as other amateur men in hardcore action.





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