There are lots of amateur gay porn sites on the web today.  Some are true amateur porn where the guy next door gets naked and jerks off or has sex while a friend video tapes or takes pictures.  Some are professional photographers and film studios that accept models off the street for casting calls.  And others are a combination of both.


The guys in amateur porn may not all have the typical porn star look with flawless bodies, perfect hair, and 10 inch cocks.  What amateurs do have is a natural look, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to try something that many only wish we had the guts to do… Get naked for the world to see.


We have spent hours of one hand surfing looking at amateur gay porn, picked our favorite sites, and have begun compiling our favorite models and scenes to share with you, here.  Of course, links are provided to these sites so you can see the entire set and watch the videos.





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