Chad jerks a load

smooth college jock jerks off and cums

The guys of Southern Strokes met Chad while he was attending college in Tennessee.  The outgoing 25 year old was game for a show in front of the camera and provided a great look into his self pleasure preferences.  Chad starts with his interview and tells of a time that he had a gay experience that led to his liking of med.  He is an average looking guys as he gets undressed with a mostly smooth chest and thin yet not ripped abs.  When he lowers his pants to show his cock it’s fully soft with a big shaved ball sac begging for attention.  Chad lubes his dick and gets to stroking it to a semi hard state.  When he starts playing with his nipple and rubbing his chest his dick grows to its fully hard and impressive looking state.  Some guys really are growers!  Chad continues to rub his slick cock and play with his nipples as the camera guy gives us some great full body and close up views.  Chad doesn’t make a lot of noise as he strokes himself but does let out a grunt as he shoots his load.

watch the full video at Southern Strokes

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