Hairy Brady Gets a Handie

hairy chested man gets gay handjob

Brady seems open minded for a young straight man fresh out of the military. He’s on the couch in the Spunk Worthy apartment for his second ever on camera jerk off. He did a previous video a few years ago for another site then gave it up so not to jeopardize his military status. During that time Brady has developed a fair amount of body hair and bulk. His chest looks trimmed short but is obviously hairy. His ass has a nice line of fur along the crack but his balls looked shaved and ready to lick.

That’s what the camera man was thinking too. As Brady gets naked and does his interview, Jason has a hard time concentrating. Brady is showing off his sweet butt and stroking his hard cock when Jason asks him if he can measure it. Brady doesn’t flinch at all as Jason grabs the tape to measure Brady’s 7 inch long cock. While he was down there Jason took other liberties as well; grabbing on full grip to the 5.5 inch round thick shaft. Brady seemed to enjoy the feel of an expert hand griping his growing cock so Jason keeps going. Looking at Brady’s face you can see that he clearly likes the attention on his man parts. Jason strokes his long shaft and cups his big hanging balls as he slowly jerks Brady off. The big guy’s head comes up to look just as he gets ready to cum but doesn’t move his hands. Brady lets Jason go all the way making him shoot his load of white jizz. The cum lands on Brady’s stomach and runs down Jason’s hand as we get a nice close up view.

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