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Blake Savage Pumps His Thick Hairy Cock

amateur straight man Blake Savage strips naked and jacks his hairy cock

Blake Savage is a young straight man that loves to play football and baseball. When he was desperate for cash to pay the rent he was told about Broke Straight Boys. Blake takes a bit to get comfortable in front of the camera but loosens up during the interview and seems to have no troubles at all getting undressed. While he is wearing only a pair of black socks and his half off underwear Blake even gets on his knees to display his virgin ass. Like his hairy legs, Blake’s butt crack is lined with a thin coat of fur.  Looking at his crotch it is clear that Blake likes to leave his pubes all natural. The big bush makes his soft dick look kind of small. (at first) Blake strokes, tugs, and does everything he can to get hard while showing off his naked body but just can’t seem to get it up. Eventually he closes his eyes and goes to his own fantasy land. What ever it is he’s thinking about it does the trick! Blake’s dick grows longer and gets noticeably thicker. The hair grows up the bottom inch of his hard shaft leaving about 5 to 6 inches of smooth cock perfect for sucking or stroking. Blake lies back on the bed and continues in his own dream land rubbing his shoulders and smooth chest as he pumps away at his throbbing dick. His big balls bounce only a little as his hairy sac pulls up tight just before Blake lets loose a nice stream of jizz. The creamy cumshot may have ended Blake’s first show at Broke Straight Boys for now but with looks like his and that nice looking cock, I’m guessing they will have this straight boy enjoying gay head in no time. Any volunteers?

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