Connor Debuts @ Southern Strokes

amateur country boy with a cross tattoo poses with his hard cock out

Connor has been going back and forth the producers at Southern Strokes for almost 6 months before he finally agreed to do a jerk off video for us to enjoy. Connor loves to play and show off but gets nervous when the time comes to do his thing in front of strangers. Seems like he did okay in this scene though. Connor looks like a down home country boy from his curly dirty blond hair to his checkered shirt and jeans with a wide leather belt; Connor is a real deal. The gem of amateur men. His looks are average, his smooth chest and body is average, even his hard cock is well… average. The two things that set Connor apart is his awesome ass that you can see in the picture above and his love of showing off. Once he gets going in his first porn video the apprehension disappears and his showmanship shines through.

watch Connor get off at Southern Strokes


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