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Shy College Boy – Braxton Strokes His Cock for Cash

FratMen TV Braxton - college jock poses naked and strokes his hard dick

I guess being me, it is hard to believe that a guy as good looking as Braxton from FratMen TV could be shy. First he is so damn cute that he must be getting hit on by girs and guys alike at his campus. With a body like his, you know he spends time in the gym. With the gym comes the showers where horny gay and bisexual dudes look for some action. Secondly, he is doing a naked jack off video on the internet! There are not many shy guys I know that will strip naked on camera. Of course not many of my shy friends look like Braxton either. I can kind of understand his motivation though. If I had a body like that I’d want to show it off too. Getting paid to do it would be enough motivation for me.

Braxton blushes a little as he does the out doors part of his photo session. He slowly takes off his shirt to display his smooth ripped body. The only hair on his torso is a small patch growing just below his navel. As things move along he gets a little more daring by opening his button fly jeans to show us his cock while standing in the hallway. In another show of his personality… Braxton doesn’t wear underwear. His dick doesn’t look too big when he takes it out but when he turns we get to see his amazing pale while ass. The gym has been good to every part of this college boy! Braxton goes inside to continue his slow and tempting strip. Some amateur men go slow to be sexy but Braxton goes slow because he honestly looks embarrassed or afraid. The way he blushes when his dick starts to get hard is so cute. Braxton goes to the shower where we get to watch him lather up his growing cock, tanned abs, and sweet ass. Have I mentioned how amazing his ass is yet? After the shower he moves to a lounger where he lies back and strokes his dick to a creamy finish. For showmanship Braxton gets a C, cuteness B+, body A-, and finally; ability to get guys worked up and jacking an easy A.

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Sam Johnson Services Jamie West at English Lads

Sam Johnson sucks Jamie West uncuct cock then takes a ride reverse cowboy style

The look on Jamie West face as he gets serviced by Sam Johnson is so cool. This whole scene Sam has a smile like a kid at Christmas while Jamie is like “ya, this feels good. What’s next?”. Jamie has done a number of man on man sex scenes before while 18 year old Sam is still kind of new at this with this only his third scene and first time with another guy. Sam says he is straight and Dog love him for it but he sure does seem to love sucking on Jamie’s cock. He is the first to get completely naked. When he climbs up to ride Jaimie reverse cowboy his dick stays hard and that smile remains throughout. If I was with Jamie I’d be smiling, naked, and hard too. Something about his face and that ripped smooth body makes Jamie one of my English boy favorites but I’m gay so… If anything, I’d say Sam is a closeted bi boy. Good for him. I think he is way fun to watch and can’t wait to see him come back for more!

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Broke Straight Boy Favorites Jimmy & Chad Suck & Fuck

tattooed guy rims man's butt then takes a dick up his ass

Two favorites of members at Broke Straight Boys (Jimmy and Chad) are hooking up to make their fans happy. Both guys have done a number of scenes showcasing their talents both solo and with other male sex partners so they aren’t shy about getting undressed on camera and even have some casual conversation as they start to get into the action. As is usually the case with Jimmy, he dominates the action. At first he’s suggestive. Like, so… you gonna suck my dick or what? Of course Chad does. Jimmy gets more aggressive as Chad’s head slides up and down his hard cock. He grabs the back of Chad’s head and pushes it all the way down. Jimmy’s dick doesn’t look that big because he’s a big guy but his profile says it is 7.5 inches and seeing the way these guys open wide, probably thick too. When jimmy gets on his hands and knees it looks like Chad is going to do him doggy style. Chad goes in and gives jimmy a intensive rimming. Jimmy loves the feel of Chad’s tongue on his ass so he lets him do it for a a long time and we get a few different angles and close ups to enjoy the action as well. Just when I thought Chad was going to top the top, he gets on the floor and Jimmy mounts him from behind. With the huge eagle tattoo on Chad’s back and his amazing ass, I do like seeing him in this position. Jimmy fucks him dogy style for a bit then lies him prone on the couch to top him more. Jimmy stays in this position to spray jizz onto Chad’s smooth pale ass. Chad’s been rode hard but he isn’t done yet. He rolls over and grabs his hard cock to jerk his own load onto his stomach.

Jimmy & Chad Free Video Preview

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Connor Debuts @ Southern Strokes

amateur country boy with a cross tattoo poses with his hard cock out

Connor has been going back and forth the producers at Southern Strokes for almost 6 months before he finally agreed to do a jerk off video for us to enjoy. Connor loves to play and show off but gets nervous when the time comes to do his thing in front of strangers. Seems like he did okay in this scene though. Connor looks like a down home country boy from his curly dirty blond hair to his checkered shirt and jeans with a wide leather belt; Connor is a real deal. The gem of amateur men. His looks are average, his smooth chest and body is average, even his hard cock is well… average. The two things that set Connor apart is his awesome ass that you can see in the picture above and his love of showing off. Once he gets going in his first porn video the apprehension disappears and his showmanship shines through.

watch Connor get off at Southern Strokes


Trent Treats Brent to a Blow Job and Ass Rimming

straight guy gets his ass and balls licked by a gay man

Happy New Year from NY Straight Men! To celebrate the start of an awesome year Brent stops by the blow job palace for a servicing by Trey. I’m not sure what is up with that crazy outfit Brent is wearing but it doesn’t stay on for long so it’s all good. Trey gets right to it by lowing the straight man’s pants and taking his dick into his mouth. Brent is obviously loving the dick sucking and ball worship from Trey. We get some nice close up looks of Brent’s recently shaved cock and balls as trey licks and sucks everything he can get his mouth to. To make things easier for Trey, Brent moves over to a bar stool and leans over with his sweet ass pointed at Trey’s face. Without missing a beat, Trey is at it licking Brent’s butt hole. The horny straight guy loves the feeling of a man riming his ass and starts stroking his dick. The feling comes over Brent with Trey’s tongue up his ass causing him to spew his cum onto the floor with a bit landing on the stool’s legs.

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Birthday Cake and a 9 Inch Cock Please

Jake pushes his 9 inch cock into Owen's birthday cake and Owen licks it clean

My personal favorite model at Dirty Boy Video is Owen. This blond tattooed boy is so cute! It is Owen and Jack’s birthday and the guys thought they would help these two horny NY boys celebrate. They provided the cake, a place, and a video camera to catch the hot dirty boy sex action. Jack brings a red frosting birthday cake in and puts it on the table for Owen. The cake is missing candles but that’s okay because Jack has plans to stick something else in it for Owen to blow on; his 9 inch uncut cock! Jack pulls his dick out, strokes it to full erection, and shoves it pubes deep into the cake. This brings a big smile to Owen who loves cock with his cake. Who doesn’t? With such a nice dick covered with cake and frosting Owen offers to lick Jack’s dick clean for him. The guys get undressed and the dick sucking begins. Watching the way Owen swallows the full 9 inches of Jack’s hard dick is awesome.

It’s Jack’s birthday too and he wants to be fucked! Owen bend the big dicked birthday boy over the table to do him doggy style then lifts him onto the table for some more traditional sex. Jack has his legs in the air and strokes himself as Owen slams his hairless ass full of cock. Jack loves the feel of a cock in ass so much that he spews his cum out onto his hairless belly. The pools of white cum glistening on Jack’s tanned stomach looks good but the cum that Owen shoots across his face looks even better. Even though Jack has a manly huge dick he has a cute boyish face with dark brown puppy dog eyes. Pretty boys always look better dripping with cum and Jack is no exception. From the looks of both, they had an amazing birthday. Lets hope we don’t have to wait a full year to see them together again.

NY Boys Getting Dirty


Torque Fingers Roar Then Fucks Him


more horny Defiant Boyz sex videos

Torque runs into his old friend Roar while hanging out and invites him back to his place. The guys end up watching some porn together jerking off on the sofa. When horny boyz get together like this you know the sex is soon to come and it does, twice. Before long the guys are naked except for some studded leather bracelets. Torque goes to work fingering Roar’s butt hole. He slides his fingers in deep and hard to prep the hole for something bigger. Roar is on his back with hairy tattooed legs in the air as Torque fucks him good and hard. Roar is moaning and panting while stroking himself to shoot a load across his chest. Without missing a beat, Torque leans down to lick the sweet jizz off Roar’s body.






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