Inked Cali Boy Jacks Off & Cums

tattooed California dude jerks off and cums

Pierson Gray is a young southern California straight guy with a wild side. You can tell from all the tattoos and big ear piercings that Pierson is not a boring guy. Pierson is excited about doing his first naked video. He has a non stop smile on his face and talks easily to us about himself during the interview. While Pierson says he is straight and has a girlfriend, he has experimented with guys before. Well, not exactly. He got drunk at a party and exchanged blowjobs with a guy once. I know if I seen Pierson drunk and horny I’d suck him. He has a nice low fat body with no chest hair and a shaved belly with an underlying 6 pack. Pierson keeps his pubes trimmed for easy oral access to his average sized cock. Pierson’s dick looks big as it grows under his tight underwear but seems about 6-7 inches when he takes it out and starts jerking off for us. Pierson rubs his smooth balls and thigh as he strokes his dick to a cumshot that runs down the back of his hand and shaft of his cock. As with most of the amateur men at Buzz West, Pierson lets the camera follow him to the shower. I think this young man doesn’t look any hotter than he does with water running down his inked body.

Pierson Gray at Buzz West


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