Dave Is Back Bold & Bald

hairy chested bald man gets a gay blowjob

It has been a while since Dave has visited the oral palace that is NY Straight Men. Since his last visit Dave has made a few life changes. For example, he has a new girlfriend that asked him to shave his head. I’ve never met the girl but will say that I like her taste. Dave looks completely hot with a shaved head. I’m not 100% but it looks like he is more bulked than before as well. His shoulders, chest, and butt look awesome! One thing that hasn’t changed is the love Dave has for the best blowjobs in town. He stopped by for a quick servicing by the resident cocksucker, Trey. After very little small talk, Trey gets on his knees to pull Dave’s dick out through the fly in his form fitting jeans. Dave lifts his shirt to expose his hairy yet trimmed chest. Guys like Dave with hairy muscular chests and pierced nipples are great for men that like some hair but are not into the chub/bear scene. Trey does his magic getting Dave hard in no time then moves him over to the sofa where he removes Dave’s shoes, socks, and pants. For some, watching Trey undress this hunky straight man will be the best part. Once naked, Trey gets back to sucking Dave’s dick. Dave provides great feedback as to what he really likes Trey to do for him. The moans of pleasure and look of ecstasy on his face when Trey forces the head of Dave’s cock down the back of his throat is the best example. It’s reasons like Trey’s deep throating that keep straight men like Dave coming back! Dave squirms and breaths faster as Trey sucks and strokes his saliva drenched dick to cum. The stream of cum pulses and runs down the back of Trey’s hand. Trey continues to stroke Dave’s sensitive cock for the full pleasure/pain sensation and a fitting end to a hot blowjob.

Straight men cum at NY Straight Men


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