College Jocks Play Naked Beach Football

Darren and Kaleo play football naked on a beach

Darren brought his college buddy with him to his latest adventure at Island Studs. Darren is the tanned guy on the right in the picture above. He is straight and works as a life guard at a Waikiki beach. Darren’s college friend is Kaleo who is straight also. Kaleo played football in high school so getting him comfortable in front of the camera was easy. They handed him a ball and to Darren to go long. That isn’t an issue for Darren. After some fun with their shorts off Darren ups the excitement by taking his board shorts off to play naked. It takes some convincing to get Kaleo to lose his shorts too but once he does, the hairy hunk has a good time playing some football naked. Kaleo isn’t into the guy on guy thing so there isn’t any sex in this scene but both guys look awesome in the sun and in the shower. In typical Island Studs fashion, there is a shower at the end of the naked beach play.

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