Clade Strokes His Fat Uncut Dick

smooth bodied blond strokes his fat uncut cock

As I was looking around sites that offer discount trial memberships this morning I visited Broke & Horny and was interested by a model named Clade. Most of the straight men that jerk off at Broke & Horny look like Latinos. Clade is an obvious white guy with the blond hair and everything but he shares something similar with the rest of their models, a nice uncut cock. As Clade strips naked and starts rubbing himself through his underwear his dick doesn’t really look all that big. When he takes it out you can see how thick it is and that even hard, there is a lot of foreskin. Clade keeps his pubes trimmed short and shaves his balls giving him a nice smooth look. With his clean shaven face, it makes him look young. Looking at his body you can clearly see he is all man. Clade uses his hands to stroke his hairy thigh as he strokes his thick cock. It is average length as you can tell from the way his hand covers most of the shaft but there is something cool about his dick that makes him totally suckable.

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