Bi Boy Gets Straight Guy To Fuck Him

straight guy gets blown then has gay sex with a tattooed bi sexual guy

Anthony Price is an open minded bi sexual boy with a girlfriend that understands his occasional need for cock. She doesn’t know that he does gay porn, though it won’t be long before she finds out. Grayson James is a big dicked straight guy that wants to make a porn movie for the pay. He loves the tight feeling of anal sex but most girls won’t let his 9 inch cock anyplace near their ass. Grayson and Anthony have something that each other wants and the Bait Buddies camera crew is there to catch it all on film for us to watch and enjoy.

Grayson starts things by getting naked and showing off his big dick. Anthony looks excited as the big cock grown in front of his face. He grabs the straight guys big cock and gives it a few strokes before opening wide to try and swallow the big piece of man meat. Anthony doesn’t get the whole dick in his mouth but does have fun playing with it and licking it from balls to the big pulsing head. Anthony is stroking his own dick as he sucks the straight guys big cock. Grayson is ready to fuck but Carusso wants to see him suck some dick before he gets to the good stuff. Hey, if your being paid to make a porn video you need to follow directions. Grayson takes Anthony’s hard dick in his mouth and sucks on it for a bit causing his own dick to go soft. No one wants to see Grayson’s impressive cock soft so they tell him to get ready for the fucking. Grayson rolls a large size condom down the shaft of his dick as Anthony lubes up his ass to take a ride. Anthony lowers himself very slowly onto the straight boy’s big dick. The look on his face as he gets about 3 inches in is priceless! Once he is used to the dick up his ass he starts to enjoy the fucking and moves faster up and down Grayson’s big cock. Grayson loves the tight feel of the bi boy’s butt and moves him over for a proper fucking. Grayson slams Anthony’s butt as Anthony strokes himself. The feeling of the big dick pressing on his prostate causes Anthony to sprat his load onto his smooth stomach as Grayson moves in and out of him. Grayson pulls out to stroke his thick load onto Anthony’s upper leg. There is a nice mess of cum to clean up from Anthony when all is done and both guys look happy with their amateur porn performances.

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