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Tyler Sweet Rides a Straight Boy’s Cock

cute southern jock, Tyler Sweet rides a straight guy's cock and shoots a huge load of cum

Wow have I been missing out the past month at Southern Strokes. Work has been so busy that I have not had much time to browse my usual favorite amateur gay porn sites, Southern Strokes included. Too bad for me because the first week of November a new southern hottie hit the set running and has been burning things up since. His name is Tyler Sweet and damn is this southern boy CUTE! Tyler is like a cross between a twink and a jock. However you classify his hairless ripped body, it is clear that Tyler loves two things for sure; men’s dick and getting off. Tyler has done his debut jerk off video and 3 gay sex scenes including this latest romp with a new straight boy, Witten Cooper.

Tyler is an energetic bottom if ever I’ve seen one. This young 18 year old loves getting fucked. When he hooks up with Witten (Witt) he can’t wait to see the big 8 inch cock he’s heard about. Tyler goes right to it taking the straight guys big dick out to start rubbing and sucking. Witt seems a bit surprised at first but obviously enjoys getting serviced by Tyler. Witt loves the dick sucking by Tyler and Tyler is just as turned on with a throbbing hard cock from simply having Will naked. The passive yet pleasure seeking Witt changes once Tyler lubes up and sits on his ragging hard dick. Tyler goes slow at first and winces a little when Will shoves the last inch up his smooth ass. The look of pleasure mixed with pain on Tyler’s boyish face is so damn hot. The fucking gets hard and fast as Witt speeds things up and starts slamming his new gay fuck buddy ass. Tyler is panting hard saying “fuck ya, fuck ya” as Witt slams him so hard you can hear their skin slapping together. All the wile Tyler stays hard. If you haven’t noticed, this guy is seriously turned on. The guys lie beside each other in the end to jerk their loads. In a fitting end to a stellar performance, Tyler shoots a huge load of cum that flies through the air making a spectacular mess across his ripped belly and chest. Witt and Tyler both look happy lying beside each other covered with cum and sweat.

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Suck Off Guys Switch – Walker Michaels Sucks Seth

tattooed man gives a blowjob to a hairy guy who cums on his chest

Walker Michaels is back at Suck Off Guys but this time Seth has something different in mind for the tattooed amateur. Seth Chase is always the one doing the dick sucking and cum swallowing when Walker comes over. Today Seth is getting blown by Walker and Walker IS going to get cummed on! Walker starts sitting on the edge of the bed joking with Aaron (Seth’s boyfriend and camera man) and Seth. The guys always have fun with Walker. he has a great sense of humor and is fun for the guys to play with. Seth walks over to Walker with his dick out for him to start sucking. And so it begins…

Walker is fully clothed and Seth has a shirt on as Walker starts slurping down Seth’s hard cock. Walker knows what he likes when he gets sucked off and is happy to do those same things for Seth. He should be, Seth has gotten this dude off enough. Walker massages Seth’s balls, licks the head, and does his best to deep throat the hairy man’s growing cock. Once camera is set up on a tripod while the one operated by Aaron gets in close for some very nice views of Walker swallowing Seth’s dick. After a bit, both guys are completely naked and Seth is lying on the bed with Walker beside him still sucking away. When Seth is ready to cum he gets up on his knees to bust his nut directly onto Walker’s semi hairy chest. Walker has never let a man cum on him before. He watches intently as Seth milks the jizz from his cock. A big smile comes over Walker as Aaron tells him that they have no towels so he’ll have to lick it up. These guys love to joke around, even when filming gay porn videos in their bedroom.

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Suck Off Guys is one of three gay porn websites filmed by Seth and Aaron from their home. Members of Suck Off Guys get access to Fuck Off Guys and Bareback Place included.


Horny Cop Punishes Long Haired Thrasher

police officer uses his nightstick on Thrasher's ass before fucking him

From “Occupy Ball Street” part IV: When uniformed police officer, Cliff Jensen finds a long haired and tattooed dude, Thrasher pilfering a tent he delivers a stiff form of punishment. Cliff doesn’t know the meaning of going easy but Thrasher takes every bit of it. First Cliff gets Thrasher on his knees to suck on his dick. Thrasher must open his mouth as wide as it will go to fit the police officer’s fat cock. Once he is orally satisfied, Cliff turns his abusive authority to Thrasher’s ass. The way that Cliff uses his nightstick, you’d think these men were in New York instead of LA. At least Cliff has enough though to cover the stick with a condom before plunging it deep into the alternative dudes butt. Cliff plunges the stick in deep while wrapping his belt around Thrasher’s neck to control him from behind. Once the tattooed dude’s ass is stretched, Cliff puts a condom on his thick dick to fuck Thrasher. If Thrasher thought the stick was painful, he begs for mercy from Cliff as he gets fucked doggy style in the tent. The horny police officer doesn’t go easy at all, he goes harder and deeper. Cliff pounds Thrasher from a few positions before pulling out. Thrasher grabs his cock to jerk off as Cliff kneels beside him. Thrasher sprays his load onto his inked belly while Cliff deposits his load onto the bad boy’s face and neck.

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Hairy Straight Guy’s Homemade Jerk Off Video

guy with a big hard dick jacks off and shoots cum onto his hairy chest

The owners of You Love Jack say that Criss Howell looks a cross between Blaine (Kurt’s boyfriend on “Glee”) and Vincent Chase from “Entourage”. I don’t watch either show so have no idea who they are but that didn’t stop me from taking a second look at this cute young man. Criss has a cute face with long dark hair and deep dark eyes. The flat cheeks and rounded chin give Criss a gentle look. Criss may look average with his black tee and jeans but you can tell quick that he has a wild side dying to get out. As soon as he gets the camera set up the way he wants for his homemade jack off video, he sits down and takes his cock out. No teasing or playing, he gets right to stroking. Criss looks about average size when he starts but his dick grows bigger and bigger as he rubs it until it is fully grown and damn it looks nice. Criss has a long shaft with a head that looks big compared to the diameter of the shaft. Criss’ bio doesn’t say how big he is but I’m guessing he sports about a 7.5 or 8 inch dick. Criss starts to get naked now that he’s shown the good stuff and surprise… This boy is hairy! The jeans and underwear come off first revealing his skinny legs covered with a dark coat of man fur. When he lifts his shirt we first see his stomach that is covered with thick hair and next his chest that has a fair amount of hair. There are basically guys that love men with hair and those who don’t. I tend to go towards the smoother boyz but with Criss’ cute looks and big dick; I’d do this straight boy in a heartbeat. Too bad he’s only doing a jack off. Anyways, Criss moves back and forth from a reclining to sitting position as he jerks his dick and gives us a few good looks at his thin body from a few angles. The climax of his debut porn vid is an amazing cumshot that is what gay porn is all about. The jizz flies all the way up his chest leaving a glob of white cum right in the middle of a mound of dark hair. Another glob splatters across his stomach and the rest pours across the back of his hand and down the long shaft.

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Straight Guy Gets Gay Handjob

tattooed straight guy gets jerked off by a mans hand

Riley is a beefy inked straight dude that believes he is ready to take the next step in his porn career. Today he shows up at Spunk Worthy knowing that he will be getting jerked off by another guy. Riley has no trouble being naked in front of strangers. He sometimes strips for women but hasn’t had to perform with a guy before. He is very nervous about not being able to perform. Jason talks to Riley a bit to get he relaxed then moves in to start rubbing his hunky body. His hands move up Riley’s thigh to his crotch. So far, so good. Riley is intent on watching the porn on the TV in the background while the Spunkworthy owner continues rubbing his hands along his crotch and up his shirt. The shirt doesn’t stay on long and we get to see Riley’s smooth body decorated with plenty of tattoos. When the pants come down it is clear that Riley either likes the porn or loves the feeling of being jerked off, or both. The straight guy barely flinches when Jason’s big hand cups and fondles his low hanging balls. To push things to the limits and to be sure we, the viewers, get our money worth, Jason gets Riley up on his knees so we can see his ass. It is mostly hairless like the rest of him but the cool part is that Riley’s cock seems to get harder as Jason strokes it and reaches through to continue jerking his hard dick. Like they say in the description of this scene, a hard cock doesn’t lie.

see more of Riley here


James Rider Gets Us Into The Holiday Spirit

frisky boy wearing nothing except a red christmas hat and a red jock strap

To be honest, I have not been in the mood to do any holiday posts this year. The past few years I had to hunt to find something hot, fun, and festive. This year the holiday men are in full force on nearly every amateur site out there. For some reason James Rider at Buzz West caught my attention. This moppy headed young man showed up to do his first porn performance wearing a red mad bombers hat with white fur embroidered with “Seasons Greetings”. Having the guts to wear a hat like that in public is one thing but showing up to a porn shoot… that’s awesome! Things continue to get better as things go too.

James tells us in his interview that he is straight and has a girlfriend. He hasn’t cum in a few days so he shouldn’t have any trouble shooting a nice load for us. How considerate. James starts getting undressed and surprises with a festive red jock strap under his jeans. Now, wearing only the red jock and the furry hay, James lies back to show off his ass from a position that most straight men would never try in public let alone be filmed doing. It’s hot and gets the young man in the mood for more. James starts rubbing his dick through the jock making a big bulge. The profile for James says he has a 9 inch dick and seeing the size of the stuffed jock, I’d believe it. With him hard and ready the jock comes off and he gets to it stroking. It is the lets get to business attitude that most amateurs show that I like so much. No funny talking or attempts at cheesy strip teases, just down to it jacking and fucking. Okay, so James is only Jacking but he gets right to it once his cock is out. The two days without sex or all the rubbing early on has done something because it doesn’t take long before James is getting flushed and pumping out a stream of cum. After cumming James goes in and takes a nice warm shower. Seeing him with that hair and a wet body may just be the best part of this scene.

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English Jocks Have Gay 3 Way

Dan Broughton, Darius Fernand, and Dan James have a gay sex 3 way

When Dan Broughton, Darius Fernand, and Dan James hook up it leads to a fun three way at English Lads. All three of the British men have athletic bodies and nice big uncut cocks. Dan B and Darius both sport 7.5 inches and Dan James measures in with a full 8.5 inch dick. Darius and Dan B have some fun playing with Dan James cock through his tight underwear as the action starts. They rub, stroke, grope, and massage the blond lads big dick until it makes an impressive outline in his tight black underwear. Once his cock is out is dick sucking time for all. The guys all take turns sucking each others hard cocks. Darius ends up in the middle slurping down Dan J’s big dick as Dan B moves behind him to play with his skinny ass. The ass play leads to a fucking in no time and Darius is having both holes filled at the same time. All three get the best out of their experience together but, IMO, Dan Broughton is the winner. He gets to suck Dan J, fuck Darius Fernand, and has sex with two hot guys at the same time. Awesome!

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