Business Man Brent Gets Blown

man in a suite gets a gay blowjob and cums

The last time Brent stopped by the NY Straight Men studios for a blowjob he was wearing a wife beater and jeans. Brent said he was a painter by trade so the clothes expected and actually kind of hot looking. Brent loved the oral sex that he can’t get from his girlfriend so they knew that he would be back for more. They were right. Brent was “in the area” and looking to get off so he called to see if he could come over for some action. You know that the gay cocksuckers at NY Straight Men were nor going to say no. They were surprised when Brent showed up wearing a suit though. Turns out that Brent is not just a painter but he owns the company and wears a suit when he has meetings with commercial clients.

Brent looks just as good (if not better) in a suite as he did in the jeans and sleeveless shirt. There is something that makes sex with a guy in a suite more fun. Kind of like clean & professional meets dirty & sexual. Brent is in a hurry so our guy gets on his knees and gets to work taking Brent’s soft cock out through the fly as Brent stands. It isn’t long before Brent is hard and getting his clothes off as the gay cocksucking continues. Once his pants are off Brent moves over to a stool where he can lean back and enjoy the awesome blowjob. My favorite part is when Brent still has his shirt and tie off but no pants or underwear and his hard wet cock standing skyward covered in saliva. Hmmm that’s so hot! Eventually Brent is naked and loving the deep throating that every straight guy gets regardless of dick size at the apartment. Brent loves it and shoots his load across the tattooed shoulder and hairy chest of his gay blow job buddy.

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