A Member’s Favorite Returns at Southern Strokes

southern man poses naked with semi hard dick

Southern Strokes has been photographing and video taping amateur southern men for a few years now. With regular updates and special features, they have passed the 300 mark. Technology changes and the web gets faster making old pictures and vids look small or of less quality even though they may have been top of the line at the time they were released. The producers know this and know that we like to see our amateurs crystal clear. Southern Strokes has started doing something called Flashback. They take some of the highest rated and most viewed men from the past and re release them with a bit of touching up and modernization. Brandon is one of the member’s favorites to flash back and he looks great doing it.

Brandon is (was) a 20 year old man that enjoys martial arts and getting off. His clean cut looks are a perfect match for his southern charm. Brandon smiles throughout his photo session outside by the lake. He seems excited as he gives us a first look at his 8 inch dick. After the photos, Brandon goes inside to strip naked and starts jerking off on video. As Brandon changes positions we get to watch as his stomach and shoulder muscles flex. You can tell that he is more athletic than he seems at first glance. You can really see how low his big balls hang too. With those hairy legs and butt it is interesting that Brandon shaves his balls. Personally, I like it because it makes licking so much more enjoyable. Maybe he likes it too because his dick gets noticeably harder as he rubs his balls and inner thigh while jerking his meat.

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