Straight First Timer Fucks Hairy Gay Boy

hairy gay dude David Hitch has gay sex with cute straight guy Bryce Jones

Last Thursday we were treated to the arrival of two brand new guys at Bait Buddies. Bryce Jones is the cute 20 year old straight boy who arrived at the studio thinking he was going to do a jerk off video. David Hitch is a hairy 21 year old gay dude that knew exactly what he was there for. When David seen Bryce he was ready to go then and there.

Bryce isn’t too keen on the idea of doing his jerk off with another guy in the room and takes a little convincing from Caruso to even get undressed. He relaxes a little when David sits way at the end of the sofa as the two first timers begin to jerk off beside each other. The guys are watching some porn on a video to help them get into the mood and stay hard. At least Bryce is watching a video. David is more interested in watching Bryce. David is obviously more turned on by Bryce than Bryce is by the sex video. In no time David is hard and stroking his rock hard 7 inch dick. Bryce starts to get hard and stands up to show off his smooth body and hard cock before Caruso asks if they will fool around with each other for more cash. Bryce wants nothing to do with David but David says sure. Of course David says yes, who wouldn’t? David reaches over and starts to stroke the straight boy’s hard cock. Bryce closes his eyes and puts his hand in front of his face from embarrassment. His hands move down though when David starts sucking him off. Bryce reaches down to push the gay guy’s head down deep onto his now fully hard cock. Bryce’s pleasure turns to fear once again when he is told to reciprocate. He starts off okay, grabbing David’s throbbing dick then slowly puts the head into his mouth. Bryce doesn’t suck on David’s dick too long before he’s had enough. That’s okay because David wants something else from Bryce; his hard cock up his hairy butt.

Caruso tells Bryce he’ll give him even more money if he will fuck David. Already, straight boy Bryce is getting more than three times what he originally agreed to for the jerk off and not they offer him more? Bryce needs the money bad but doesn’t want to stick his dick into David’s hairy ass. Caruso tells him to put on a condom and close his eyes. David gets into a half standing/half kneeling position at the end of the couch as Bryce lubes up his condom covered cock and moves up behind the horny gay boy. Bryce slides his dick all the way in deep on the first pass bringing a sigh of relief from David. It isn’t long before Bryce has a look of pleasure on his face and is going to town fucking David’s tight ass. Almost every straight guy will tell you that anal is tighter and therefor better for feel than pussy. Of course gay men already know that. Bryce fucks David doggy style for a while then turns him onto his back for some face to face action. David loves the feeling of Bryce inside him and jerks his load onto his hairy stomach as Bryce thrusts deep into his behind. The tightening sphincter must have been too much for Bryce. He pulls out soon after David cums and pulls of the condom to jerk his cock. Bryce shoots a nice load that goes about half way up Davids chest. The mess of two young men’s cum on David’s hairy chest and stomach looks awesome! As most of the straight guys who do gay sex for the first time, Bryce admits to the camera after cumming that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

I don’t think that Bryce will be sucking dick again anytime soon but wouldn’t be surprised at all if he is letting some lucky gay guy from his college suck him off. The way that Bryce went to town fucking David, who knows… he may even treat some lucky dude to a session with his hot cock and great cumshot too.

Bryce & David Free Video Preview

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