Max and Trey Rekindle an Interest

two tattooed British men suck each other uncut dick then fuck

You know there are certain types of men in porn that turn me on the most; redheads, college age athletic types, and amateurs. As I was looking at a cute redhead British lad at Naked Redhead Men over the weekend I got to thinking that it has been a while since I have been over to Blake Mason. I’m glad that I did. The amateur British men with their sexy accents and uncut cocks have been a turn on for me since I was younger watching Dr. Who and crushing over Adric. (I was like 16 at the time so he was the same age as me) Anyway, there are some very nice looking men on the front page of the Blake Mason tour but the two that really got my attention were Max Moore and Trey Matthews. They are both average but kind of cute looking gay British men that like to do porn videos for some extra cash and a chance to meet men. I doubt if either of these two have trouble meeting men though.

The guys are making out at the top of some stairs and getting each other undressed. As they take their shirts off we see that both have mostly smooth chests Trey sports some ink while Max has a semi hairy stomach. As they continue to get each other naked you can see that both trim their pubes and are clearly uncut. At one point as their cocks are growing they stand to face each other and play with their foreskin. The photographer is kind enough to get a nice close up view too for all you skin lovers. Max and Trey are both versatile gay so deciding who is going to do what isn’t a problem. They take turns sucking each other, 69, and even rim a bit before getting down to the fucking. Trey has a bigger dick than Max (8 inches to 7) but it is Trey that bottoms today. Max moves up from behind him and puts on a condom to fuck Trey in a modified doggy style. Trey grabs the staircase rails as the screwing begins but quickly loosens up and gets into the action by climbing on top to ride Max’s slicked up dick. The guys appear to really be into the sex and having a good time together which makes it all the more fun to watch. Trey is not shy at all about how much he likes having Max up his ass while he jerks his load as Max fills him. Max pulls out in time to shoot his load across Trey as well leaving him panting and covered in cum. These two have definitely rekindled my interest in British men.

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