Logan Taylor: Tanned & Tattooed Southern Hunk

 sexy southern guy shows his hairy ass and jacks his 6 inch dick

Logan Taylor visited the Southern Strokes lake house recently with another newcomer Austin Perry. Both men say they are straight but had no problems hanging out half naked together for the weekend of fun. The owner at Southern Strokes says that 22 year old Logan had his shirt off the entire weekend. Looking at his dark tanned body in the picture above it is easy to believe that Logan goes shirtless often. And why not? Look at his amazing body. Logan is an avid weight lifter and works as a personal trainer so he gets plenty of time to work on his body. The ink on his arms are nice and make his shoulders look huge while the “Get Hard” tattoo just above his jeans on his lower abdomen could have any number of meanings but I know what I like to think it refers to. Logan trims his chest hair very short but leaves his pubes all natural. Zohan would be proud of his big bush.

When it comes time for Logan to do his first on camera jack off he isn’t shy at all. He gives us a fun interview then gets down to it lowering his pants. You can really see his tan when contrasted against the pale white ass and upper legs. If you like guys with hairy asses you’re going to love Logan. Unlike a lot of guys in porn, Logan has a completely average sized cock. They measure it at about 6.5 inches but it looks small because of his hunky body and big bush. Big or small, it doesn’t matter much how big his dick is when he looks and acts like this. You can sense his traditional southern charm in the preview video below. After showing off his amazing body Logan relaxes on the leather sofa to stroke out a load. Logan didn’t have any trouble getting naked and talking to us before the dick stroking begins but has a little trouble when he wants to get off. Personally I would too if there were a bunch of guys I just met watching me. No problem though; Logan closes his eyes to dream of what ever it is that gets him horny and goes to it. What ever he’s dreaming of it works. His dick is hard in short order and Logan is going to town pumping out a thick load that streams down his dick and pools at the base in that thick dark bush of his.

Knowing how the guys at Southern Strokes work, it won’t be long before a video of Logan with another guy is online. Will this hunky self proclaimed straight guy top or bottom? Personally I don’t care either way. If Logan ever needs a fluffer then sign me up!

watch the full video at Southern Strokes now


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