Karl Fingers His Ass While Jerking Off

tattooed jock walks the beach then strips naked and fingers his ass while jerking off

Karl isn’t shy at all about what he likes in a man, hairy, muscles, and a big dick to fuck him with. So basically he wants someone like him but a top. Karl is the kind of guy that would certainly get second looks while walking the beach even from straight men. He has a well defined upper body with a few tattoos and a slightly hairy chest that he keeps trimmed very short. While the straight guys admire his ripped fat-free abs, guys like me and women are probaly catching his friendly smile then glancing down to check his package. It doesn’t show much in the board shorts he wears while walking but dang it shows when he gets inside and starts to get horny.

Karl strips naked and adds a hand of lube to his dick. It gets rock hard in no time, standing nearly straight up against his ripped stomach. Karl does some poses showing off his amazing body, ass, feet, and dick then lies back on the sofa to start jerking off. His slicked up dick looks amazing as it throbs and pulses when he lets go to grab more lube. Karl is getting pretty worked up with the cock pumping but he really loves to get fucked most. He turns his head off the sofa so his ass and legs are in the air and inserts a few fingers to stimulate his sensitive sex hole. Karl pumps his cock in rhythm with his fingering to give himself the most pleasure. All that moving around under the photographic lights gets him hot and sweaty which makes the cumshot look all that much better as it splatters down his glistening abs.

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