Doug Leaves His Socks On as Trey Blows Him

bearded straight guy leaves his socks on while getting a gay blowjob

When bearded straight man Doug showed up for his blowjob from Trey he had already been riding his bike all over New York City. That’s all the better for guys like Trey that love the musky man smell given off after a hot day in the sun. Trey gets down on his knees to take Doug’s dick out and start sucking. As Trey goes to work, Doug takes off his shirt giving us a look at his skinny and tattooed body. With that big beard I thought that he would be a hairy dude but he isn’t. Doug has a little tuft of hair in the center of his chest and a light coat of fur on his skinny belly. As the dick sucking continues Doug’s clothes all come off except for his crazy gray tube socks. I always laugh when I see or hear about guys that leave just their socks on while having sex. I used to have a boyfriend that would get upset if I took my off so I guess there are guys into that. After the usual underneath camera angle that NYSM is kind of known for, the men move to the sofa to finish things up. Trey deep throats Doug and reaches up to tweak the straight man’s nipples sending Doug into a state of pure pleasure. Trey has lots of practice giving his visitors what they like and Doug is no exception. After he cums Doug has a huge smile on his face. As always, everyone leaves happy from the NY Straight Men apartment.

watch the video of Doug’s gay blowjob here


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