A New Spunkworthy Favorite?

skinny guy with big tattoos and big hard dick

I’m not 100% sure yet but I may have a new favorite at SpunkWorthy. Lets give a big welcome to Colby! This impressive young amateur has just about everything I love about guys. First even dressed he is cute. His spiked hair with crystal blue eyes and big friendly smile would earn him a few drinks from me any night out. That is without even seeing him with his shirt off. Colby has a thin body with a hint of fuzz on his ripped belly and a huge tattoo of what looks like a military unit insignia. That would make sense as Colby recently got out of the army where he spent a good part of his time in Alaska. It probably gave him plenty of time to get lots ot tattoos and jerk off a lot. That brings us to the next and probably most notable thing about Colby’s first porn video… his huge dick. When Colby starts his interview he says ya, it’s about average size. Damn boy, if you think 8 fat inches is average I’d love to meet your friends that you’ve been comparing yourself against. Eight inches in the dick department may not seem THAT big but look at his body. He can’t weight more than 150 pounds tops. Hell, 2.5 pounds of that is probably his dick. Colby told the photographer that he was nervous about getting naked and hard in front of another guy and might have a hard time performing or cumming. That didn’t seem to be too much a problem once he got going though. I think that he actually got turned on by the camera and maybe the thought of guys like us getting off watching him show off his ass and big dick. The only thing keeping me from giving Colby a perfect 10 for his performance is his cumshot. Colby pumps his cock pretty hard and starts to even sweat a little before cumming which is impressive but the stream of cum doesn’t go up his body. Don’t get me wrong, his cum looks totally lickable on those ripped abs of his but because of the lack of distance Colby is only getting a 9.7/10 from me. If you want that 10 Colby; I’d be happy to help you next time around.

watch Colby’s preview and rate him yourself


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