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Karl Fingers His Ass While Jerking Off

tattooed jock walks the beach then strips naked and fingers his ass while jerking off

Karl isn’t shy at all about what he likes in a man, hairy, muscles, and a big dick to fuck him with. So basically he wants someone like him but a top. Karl is the kind of guy that would certainly get second looks while walking the beach even from straight men. He has a well defined upper body with a few tattoos and a slightly hairy chest that he keeps trimmed very short. While the straight guys admire his ripped fat-free abs, guys like me and women are probaly catching his friendly smile then glancing down to check his package. It doesn’t show much in the board shorts he wears while walking but dang it shows when he gets inside and starts to get horny.

Karl strips naked and adds a hand of lube to his dick. It gets rock hard in no time, standing nearly straight up against his ripped stomach. Karl does some poses showing off his amazing body, ass, feet, and dick then lies back on the sofa to start jerking off. His slicked up dick looks amazing as it throbs and pulses when he lets go to grab more lube. Karl is getting pretty worked up with the cock pumping but he really loves to get fucked most. He turns his head off the sofa so his ass and legs are in the air and inserts a few fingers to stimulate his sensitive sex hole. Karl pumps his cock in rhythm with his fingering to give himself the most pleasure. All that moving around under the photographic lights gets him hot and sweaty which makes the cumshot look all that much better as it splatters down his glistening abs.

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Hairy Amateur Jock’s Debut – Reid Jacks Off

hairy chested jock Reid does a jerk off

It’s no big secret among my friends and regular readers that I tend to gravitate towards the smooth, younger, ripped type when it comes to men. The past year or so I have seen too many hot men with hair to not be interested though. Reid definitely falls into the category of hot hairy men. Like most of the solo men that appear at Chaos Men, Reid starts with some artistic photos against a plain black background. Bryan is an amazing photographer and sometimes looking at the studio photos do more for me than watching the guys videos. Don’t get me wrong, the videos are hot but some of these guys simply look amazing with the side lighting against black. Reid is one of them. As soon as I seen his deep blue eyes, tattoos, and ripped body I was hooked on this (cough) “straight” stud. Reid says that he is straight but as Bryan tells it, he had some interesting reactions to the motivational porn that was playing off screen.

After the studio photos Reid moves to the bedroom where the lighting is perfect and there is plenty of room to move around; giving us the best views possible of the amateur men that get off. Reid shows off his hairy muscular body and gives a look at his ass before settling in to start stroking. Reid was having troubles getting hard and Reid swears that he is completely straight so Bryan put on some straight porn for him to get pumped with. The straight porn did nothing for him so Bryan used a trick that I have used to seduce straight guys for years. He put in a bisexual porn where two good looking men have sex with a woman and each other. BANG – the bisexual porn did the trick and Reid was hard and stroking in no time. What Reid lacks in dick size he more than makes up for with his hotness and enthusiasm. For such a slow start Reid proves that he knows how to please himself and have a good time as he shows off his hard cock and jerks out a load for us.

Aside from the three updates a week and great photography, one of the nice things about Chaos Men is that members can write Bryan (the owner and photographer) with requests. The past few months he has been adding more average looking and hairy men to the site. I love it! Guys like Reid that are hairy AND hot with guy next door looks is what I think amateur porn should be. Keep them cumming Bryan! If you join Chaos Men be sure to write Bryan and let him know what you’d like to see more of.

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Straight First Timer Fucks Hairy Gay Boy

hairy gay dude David Hitch has gay sex with cute straight guy Bryce Jones

Last Thursday we were treated to the arrival of two brand new guys at Bait Buddies. Bryce Jones is the cute 20 year old straight boy who arrived at the studio thinking he was going to do a jerk off video. David Hitch is a hairy 21 year old gay dude that knew exactly what he was there for. When David seen Bryce he was ready to go then and there.

Bryce isn’t too keen on the idea of doing his jerk off with another guy in the room and takes a little convincing from Caruso to even get undressed. He relaxes a little when David sits way at the end of the sofa as the two first timers begin to jerk off beside each other. The guys are watching some porn on a video to help them get into the mood and stay hard. At least Bryce is watching a video. David is more interested in watching Bryce. David is obviously more turned on by Bryce than Bryce is by the sex video. In no time David is hard and stroking his rock hard 7 inch dick. Bryce starts to get hard and stands up to show off his smooth body and hard cock before Caruso asks if they will fool around with each other for more cash. Bryce wants nothing to do with David but David says sure. Of course David says yes, who wouldn’t? David reaches over and starts to stroke the straight boy’s hard cock. Bryce closes his eyes and puts his hand in front of his face from embarrassment. His hands move down though when David starts sucking him off. Bryce reaches down to push the gay guy’s head down deep onto his now fully hard cock. Bryce’s pleasure turns to fear once again when he is told to reciprocate. He starts off okay, grabbing David’s throbbing dick then slowly puts the head into his mouth. Bryce doesn’t suck on David’s dick too long before he’s had enough. That’s okay because David wants something else from Bryce; his hard cock up his hairy butt.

Caruso tells Bryce he’ll give him even more money if he will fuck David. Already, straight boy Bryce is getting more than three times what he originally agreed to for the jerk off and not they offer him more? Bryce needs the money bad but doesn’t want to stick his dick into David’s hairy ass. Caruso tells him to put on a condom and close his eyes. David gets into a half standing/half kneeling position at the end of the couch as Bryce lubes up his condom covered cock and moves up behind the horny gay boy. Bryce slides his dick all the way in deep on the first pass bringing a sigh of relief from David. It isn’t long before Bryce has a look of pleasure on his face and is going to town fucking David’s tight ass. Almost every straight guy will tell you that anal is tighter and therefor better for feel than pussy. Of course gay men already know that. Bryce fucks David doggy style for a while then turns him onto his back for some face to face action. David loves the feeling of Bryce inside him and jerks his load onto his hairy stomach as Bryce thrusts deep into his behind. The tightening sphincter must have been too much for Bryce. He pulls out soon after David cums and pulls of the condom to jerk his cock. Bryce shoots a nice load that goes about half way up Davids chest. The mess of two young men’s cum on David’s hairy chest and stomach looks awesome! As most of the straight guys who do gay sex for the first time, Bryce admits to the camera after cumming that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

I don’t think that Bryce will be sucking dick again anytime soon but wouldn’t be surprised at all if he is letting some lucky gay guy from his college suck him off. The way that Bryce went to town fucking David, who knows… he may even treat some lucky dude to a session with his hot cock and great cumshot too.

Bryce & David Free Video Preview

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Ari Sylvio – Back at Bad Puppy

hairy chested man fingers his ass whilr stroking his hard dick

Ari Sylvio is no stranger to the loyal members of Bad Puppy. As one viewer of his last video commented, Ari was given a special massage at one of the many Bad Puppy Bonus SitesClub Amateur USA back in 2009. New or not, porn is not Air’s full time job so he is an amateur as much as any guy that only does sex videos for fun or extra cash can be. Unlike a lot of other amateurs, Ari is middle aged and has a good job working as a caregiver just outside Los Angeles. The 34 year old Californian has the kind of body that we all imagine California would have plus a little extra. Even with his shirt still on, you can see that Ari has some hair on his chest. When he takes the shirt off we get to see his upper chest has a nice amount of fur while his flat stomach is not so much. Air plays with his dick a bit under his shorts then pulls them down to start stroking. Once he is hard you can see why people remember him from 2009. This guy has a very nice cock. They don’t give us a size but my guess is that his dick is at least 7.5 inches long and looks kind of thick too. As Ari jerks he lies on his back to start fingering his hairy butt. The finger action makes his dick harder and brings some load groans from him. If you like them loud, your going to want your volume up for Ari.

see both of Ari’s videos at Bad Puppy


Jack Symon Makes A Splash In His Jack Off Video

cute amateur fingers his ass and shoots a load across his smooth body

One of these days I am going to have to make the trek up to Toronto. After a day of sightseeing it will be great to visit Goodhandy’s Pansexual Playground and scout out these open minded hot young men like Jack Symon. Jack is so very cute with his sparkling blue eyes yet masculine with his cleft chin and strong cheek bones. The best feature though is his perfectly plump dick sucking lips. I bet Jack is an awesome kisser and (after watching his homemade video) an even more adventurous bottom. Too bad Jack is only 18 so not old enough to get into the sex club with an age restriction of 19. Guess I’ll have to scout the local ball fields where he loves to play baseball. Where ever they found him, I’m glad they did because Jack is definitely fun to watch.

Jack shows us his lean smooth body and cock like most of the guys do at You Love Jack. Jack’s dick is already hard and poking out the top of his baby blue briefs as he strips naked except for his socks. By the time he gets everything off he is oozing precum. Something about a guy that gets this wet before even starting is a major turn on and jack gives us a nice close up of the natural lubricant leaking from his rock hard dick. Jack’s dick is average size with a slight upward curve to it making him perfect for a deep throat 69. His long legs and sweet ass are the product of all that running on the diamond and look just as good as the rest of him. After showing us his body he gets to work with the action part of his homemade sex video. Rather than spending a lot of time stroking his meat Jack goes for something he likes to do even more. He grabs a bottle of lube and lifts his legs in the air to finger his completely hairless ass. His glistening hole looks absolutely edible as he slides his fingers in deep and moans with ecstasy. The fingering makes his dick throb and the precum flow even more. All good things in porn must cum and Jack is no exception. Like most young men, Jack is a squirter. The jizz flies forcefully from his dick as he pumps his load across his belly.

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Jack Trains Chad’s Straight Ass For Cock

tattooed straight boy takes a dick in his mouth and up his butt

Chad is back at Broke Straight Boys because he needs the money and because members want to see him do more. They hooked him up with a recent favorite of mine, cute straight boy Jack. I guess if Chad is going to take a dick up his ass it might as well be from Jack who has an average sized dick with lots of pubic hair to help cushion the blows. Or maybe not. The guys both get naked quickly when told too. They both know the drill and simply want to get paid. Chad is the one who is doing gay passive for the first time so he will be getting fucked today and both guys already know it. Jack tries to make Chad as ease by rubbing his ass a little and telling him it isn’t too bad. Chad does okay at the sucking department taking every inch of Jack’s hard curved dick down his mouth. After he’s good and hard, Jack tells Chad to get ready while he rolls a condom over his straight boy cock. Chad gets into a knees to elbows position on the bed with his cheeks spread wide and ready for Jack. Jack goes in slow at first and Chad squirms and whines with pain of having Jack bust his virgin butt. You would think that Chad may have learned a few tricks by now from a few of the guys who have been topped for the first time at Broke Straight Boys. After a while Chad relaxes and even looks likes he may be starting to enjoy it near the end. Jack turns him over for some face to face action that looks great. Chad doesn’t get hard or get off in this scene but Jack jerks a load across Chad’s chest and stomach that is big enough for both of them. After the scene was done Chad told the producer that getting fucked by a guy wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. Good think they didn’t team him up with Jimmy. We’d never see him again. Jack broke him in easy and there’s a good chance that he will be back for more. In the past two months we have seen Chad jack off, get blown, suck dick, and now get fucked. I love watching these straight guys going gay. Especially with someone as cute as Jack.

watch the full video now at Broke Straight Boys


Dax & Leon Play Gay Chicken at Straight Fraternity

two straight men kiss and suck each other dick in game of gay chicken

The popular game of gay chicken returns to Straight Fraternity. The two men recruited to play this time around are Dax and Leon. At first Leon was not interested in playing. He doesn’t mind getting blown but having to kiss another dude or even worse doesn’t appeal to him at all. After some coaxing, he agreed to play of course. No one is going to call Leon chicken!

The guys start by getting naked and lie next to each other stroking their cocks. Both guys have average to smallish sized dicks. What they lack is cock size they make up for with attitude. They are given their first test; to lick and suck each others nipples. That was easy enough and we get to see that Leon has let his chest hair grow out a bit since his blindfolded blowjob initiation video. Next is where things start to get intense as the two straight men have to kiss each other. They touch lips only then reluctantly stick their toungues into each others mouth for a full on French kiss. Still, neither has said “chicken” yet so the tasks continue as they must jerk each other off. They grab each others semi hard dicks and start stroking. Some straight men gay porn sites use models that are questionably gay. You can tell because they get hard when with another guy and are on about every straight amateur site out there. Dax and Leon barely get hard at all while licking and kissing each other. It isn’t until the actual penis stimulation by another’s hand starts that either start to get aroused. Still, neither says chicken so… sucking dick will have to be the next challenge. At this point both guys have already committed themselves to winning and no challenge (even sucking another dudes dick) is going to stop them from winning this crazy game. They take each other in their mouth and suck a little cock for the sake of our enjoyment. At this point I would declare the game a tie as both have gone about as far as you can expect a straight guy to go with another man. If I was the pledgemaster running the game I would have made them suck each other of and give a cum facial. Fortunately for Leon and Dax they are simply told to jerk each other off. As you can see in the picture above, Dax shoots a decent load at the hands of Leon. Visit Straight Fraternity and download the full video to see how Leon cums at the hands of Dax.

Gay Chicken Preview Video

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