Brett Helps as Austin Zane Upgrades

Bret Myles has gay sex with Austin Andrews

This is my first post about Austin Zane so let me start with a little background… Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels are two straight men that met while working for a gay porn company in Las Vegas. They developed a loyal fan following at their previous employer’s website and were disappointed when things turned bad. The friends decided to start their own site where they would continue to be friends with benefits and make a little money filming themselves jacking off or having sex with sexually open men they meet in Sin City. For a few months they have been running things from a small apartment with very limited space and not too good lighting.

Austin & Zane are moving up in the world! The guys have recently moved to a larger place with a large window providing natural light and a better view for a growing legion of new austinzane fans. To help celebrate the new place Austin invited Bret Myles over. Bret is always happy to get naked and get off so…

As Bret relaxes on the new black leather sectional Austin gets down to undo his pants and starts sucking his dick. I wish my straight friends were that open to blowjobs when they come over. It isn’t long before both men are naked and take turns sucking each other and grinding their hard cocks against each others stomach. Bret gets onto his hands & knees with his ass in the air ready for the fucking to start. Austin slides his lubed cock up the tattooed boys butt. Of all the scenes that Bret has been in recently, I still can’t get over how very nice his butt is. Austin fucks Bret doggy style then turns him onto his back to do him face to face. Bret strokes himself as Austin fucks him and shoots his load first. The cumshot is okay and looks nice against Bret’s smooth stomach. Austin pulls out and jerks load to the mix across Bret. You gotta love amateurs that do porn mostly for fun. Bret is one of them. After Austin cums Bret turns right to the camera and gives a big “peace out” message to us viewers.

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