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Brett Helps as Austin Zane Upgrades

Bret Myles has gay sex with Austin Andrews

This is my first post about Austin Zane so let me start with a little background… Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels are two straight men that met while working for a gay porn company in Las Vegas. They developed a loyal fan following at their previous employer’s website and were disappointed when things turned bad. The friends decided to start their own site where they would continue to be friends with benefits and make a little money filming themselves jacking off or having sex with sexually open men they meet in Sin City. For a few months they have been running things from a small apartment with very limited space and not too good lighting.

Austin & Zane are moving up in the world! The guys have recently moved to a larger place with a large window providing natural light and a better view for a growing legion of new austinzane fans. To help celebrate the new place Austin invited Bret Myles over. Bret is always happy to get naked and get off so…

As Bret relaxes on the new black leather sectional Austin gets down to undo his pants and starts sucking his dick. I wish my straight friends were that open to blowjobs when they come over. It isn’t long before both men are naked and take turns sucking each other and grinding their hard cocks against each others stomach. Bret gets onto his hands & knees with his ass in the air ready for the fucking to start. Austin slides his lubed cock up the tattooed boys butt. Of all the scenes that Bret has been in recently, I still can’t get over how very nice his butt is. Austin fucks Bret doggy style then turns him onto his back to do him face to face. Bret strokes himself as Austin fucks him and shoots his load first. The cumshot is okay and looks nice against Bret’s smooth stomach. Austin pulls out and jerks load to the mix across Bret. You gotta love amateurs that do porn mostly for fun. Bret is one of them. After Austin cums Bret turns right to the camera and gives a big “peace out” message to us viewers.

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Seth Fucks Hairy Amateur’s Ass

bearded man has gay sex with hairy chested bald man

Craig Spade is the latest newcomer to visit Seth Chase and Aaron French at the Fuck Off Guys apartment. Craig is a former military man that likes it fast and rough. Craig starts things off by doing some photo poses by himself. He gets naked to show us his lean and hairy body. Craig keeps his chest trimmed short but as you can clearly see, Craig is one hairy boy. The chest hair extends to his shoulders, upper back, legs, and butt too. About the only part of Craig that isn’t hairy is his smooth bald head.

When Seth enters the scene Craig is all horned up and ready to get started. He undoes Seth’s pants to gain access to Seth’s cock and starts sucking. Seth is always ready for sex with new men and gets hard quickly. Before long Seth is naked, wearing nothing except his glasses. Craig licks and slurps on the bearded man’s growing cock until it is fully hard and dripping with saliva and precum. Once Seth is fully ready he bends Craig over to prep the new guy’s hairy behind. Seth rubs a handful of lube around the furry hole and puts a condom on. Seth pushes his dick in slow at first for Craig to adjust then goes to town pounding the skinny bald guys ass. Graig gets to liking the hard dick in his ass and takes a bit to ride it after the doggy style fucking. When Seth gets ready to nut he moves up to Craig’s chest and strokes his load into Craig’s mouth and across his face. The foamy jizz is pouring from Graig’s mouth by the time Seth is done dumping his load. The white cum looks great running down Craig’s chin onto his hairy chest. By the look on his face, it seems as if Craig had a very good time. Maybe we’ll see him back in action again sometime soon.

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Garry Roy Is Back, Bi, and Big As Ever


watch Garry’s full video and cumshot

Garry Roy is back for an encore jack off at Squirtz. Garry is as thin and ripped as ever but shares some new information with us during his interview. During his first show Garry said he was totally straight although having some issues with girlfriend at the time and may be interested in trying sex with a boy. Now Garry is a self identified bisexual. He admits to having sex with both guys and girls now. While mostly a top Garry has bottomed a few times and says it isn’t that bad. He even got fucked by someone with a dick bigger than his. That’s impressive considering he sports an 8.5 inch cock himself.

Garry does a slow strip to get us aroused and interested. His chest and abs are free of any hair or body fat. If you like skinny guys you’re going to love Garry. You can see underlying ribs and while not bulky is totally ripped. Garry knows that men love his ass so he gives us a long look with his underwear on at first then takes them off and spreads his cheeks to show his hairless hole. He pushes his dick down to tease us more then rolls over and gets to stroking. When he is semi hard Garry moves around on the bed to get fully settled in and stroke out a load.


Garry Roy poses naked with big uncut dick and hairless ass


Alex Andrews Outdoor Jerkoff


watch Alex cum at Next Door Male

Alex Andrews caught my attention recently while browsing the great looking men that jack off for us at Next Door Male. The reason is because he LOOKS AMATEUR. Alex does not have completely shaved gym ripped body. What Alex does have is classic good looks with an in-shape body, and a very sweet ass. If you look at some of his pictures where he is smiling you may even see that he looks a little like Ryan Reynolds from Van Wilder (before he bulked up for Blade). That very sweet ass part along with his uncut dick that gets hard as he is undressing and stays that way for most of his photo and video shoot is what (IMO) makes him so hot to watch.

Like most of the scenes at NDM, the men start off doing a high quality photo shoot then do a full length video. As Alex lowers his pants in the photos his dick is already getting hard. You can almost see the foreskin sliding back over the head of his growing cock from picture to picture. We also get a plenty good number of views of Alex’s awesome butt. This man may have average looks but there is nothing ordinary about his ass. We get to see plenty of it in his 90 pictures and he shows it off quite well in the 20 minute jack off video that follows. It really is guys like Alex that make me love the amateurs so much.

naked guy with awesome butt and looks a little like Ryan Reynolds

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Straight College Jock Jerks His Cock


watch hot college men get off tonight for $1

Kenny Coors name may be appropriate listening to his interview. This straight college jock dreams big when it comes to his sexual fantasies. Particularly, he so wants to have a three way with his girlfriend. Most girls I know wouldn’t be interested in sharing their man with another woman. Most wouldn’t be interested in sharing with another dude either but that may be what it comes down to after the show that Kenny put on at College Dudes.

Kenny strips naked to show off his somewhat hairy body. His cock is already semi hard when he drops his pants. With such hairy legs and ass you’d think that he would have bushy pubes too but they are neatly trimmed. His big low hanging balls have a bit of hair too. Kenny doesn’t seem to have any issues showing off his hard cock or ass. After stroking his dick to full erection he gets on the leather sofa, spreads his cheeks, and gives us all a close up view of his hairy hole. The butt shots don’t last long so get a good look when you can. He does have a nice ass to be sure. Finally Kenny relaxes to pleasure himself with both hands and a bottle of lube. It is obvious that he is feeling it full and ready when he cums. Be sure to turn the volume down if the wife or roommate are in the next room OR turn it up and revel in the glory of such a loud cummer.

tattooed college jock shows his hairy ass and strokes his cock


Leo Likes His First Gay Sex


download the full show at Bait Buddies

I love that gay boy Max Crase is so open about what he wants… a big dicked straight guy that isn’t afraid of a little kink. Unsuspecting Leo knows what he wants too. To bad he wont be getting to star in that straight porn video today. Leo answered the wrong add while away from his girlfriend in Chicago and he wont be fucking any hot women but he will get off.

Leo and Max sit beside each other on the Bait Buddies casting couch talking to the producer about themselves and getting horned up for the sex. The guys each take off their clothes to show off their naked bodies and soft dicks. Leo is very impressive with his muscular body and big uncut cock. Even soft you can tell that Leo is packing some serious meat. Max agrees and gives a thumbs up as Leo starts stroking himself. The producer asks the guys to jerk each other a bit to get things going. Leo says that he doesn’t mind jacking off with a guy but doesn’t want to jack a guy off. The appeal of more cash and Max’s willingness to give it a go turns him. And so it begins… The guys jerk each other for a little while then Max bends over to start sucking on Leo’s uncut dick. Leo loves the feel of Max’s tongue ring along his sensitive pole. By now Leo is totally horned up and ready to go. He doesn’t even care when he puts his tongue to Max’s ass to rim him before fucking him. Remember that Max is gay and is loving every second of the action with Leo. Max sits down to ride Leo first then changes positions a few times to get the full effect of Leo fucking him.

tattooed straight guy has gay sex with hung blond twink


Construction Worker Gets Afternoon Blow Job

blue collar construction worker gets a gay blowjob

Todd is an average blue-collar iron worker in NYC. He loves a good blowjob as much as any guy and was willing to let another dude suck him off while he’s between girlfriends. He showed up to the NY Straight Men apartment feeling very nervous but equally as horny and ready to get off. Todd has a five o’clock shadow on his gruff face but keeps his chest shaved and pubes well trimmed. Todd is a little fidgety as Trey begins to touch and suck his soft penis. After a while of not getting hard the men move to the living room where Todd can sit down and relax. That does the trick! In short order Todd is hard and enjoying the cock sucking from Trey. Todd leans way back to enjoy the deep throat action then starts to get into it by grabbing the back of Trey’s head to push his cock all the way in. When he gets ready to cum, Todd pushes his dick deep into Treys mouth to shoot his load. We can’t see the actual cumshot because it is in Trey’s mouth but a frothy cum-saliva mix expels from Trey’s mouth and runs down his chin as Todd continues to face fuck his new suck buddy.

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