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Dan and Justin – Fire & Ice

Dan and Justin use ice as foreplay before red hot gay sex

Justin Harris shows Dan James how an ice cube can be used to heat things up in the latest photo set online at English Lads. Justin is admiring Dan’s smooth muscular chest when he pulls out an ice cube and starts rubbing it against Dan’s nipples. Dan is a little shocked by the cold at first but smiles as the cold water melts from the ice down his chest and onto his stomach. He smiles even more and starts to develop a nice bulge in his jeans when Justin starts licking the moisture off him. What’s good for one is good for the other or something like that so… Dan takes a new piece of ice to Justin’s nipples too. It is Justin that really carries things to the next level though. With Dan’s jeans off now, he licks his way down to the bulging briefs to gobble down some red hot uncut cock.

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Leon’s Blindfolded Blowjob


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Leon squirms as the pledge-master runs his fingers and tongue down the straight jocks smooth chest and stomach. It isn’t like he can do much except enjoy the ride though as his ankles are strapped to the chair and he is blindfolded for his hazing. The chest licking gets his dick stirring. The growing cock gets the attention of the pledge-master as well as me. He moves his mouth down to Leon’s swelling dick and swallows it. Leon’s squirming turns to a pleasurable and relaxing blowjob. He leans back and lifts his arms. Even his pits are trimmed to match his short pubes. (these jocks and all their shaving) The older guy is great at blowing straight dudes and goes all out for someone as special and hot as Leon. It isn’t long before Leon is ready to cum. The pledge-master strokes Leon’s load out and splashes on his lower abs. You know how sensitive it is after cumming? The pledge-master wants to see Leon squirm more and puts his mouth on the head of Leon’s cock for some extra stimulation. It is supposed to be a hazing after all.

college jock gets blowjob and cums


Brandon & Chris Get Off Together

two guys sucking each other dick and cum

Chris isn’t much of a guitar player but looks good having sex in this scene with Brandon at Dirty Boy Video. The guys are feeling frisky as they sit bored in a NYC apartment. Chris can’t wait to get at Brandon’ cock as the boyz kiss and rub each others bodies. Chris gets Brandon’ pants open and starts playing with his semi hard dick. They take turns sucking each other for a bit with Brandon showing off his deep throating skills by swallowing every inch of Chris’ cock right down to the pubes. Chris spits onto Brandon’s hole and fingers him a little to loosen up his tight hole then slides his hard dick in to the hilt. Chris fucks Brandon doggy style then jerks his load as Chris nibbles his nipples. Brandon straddles Chris’ cum covered chest and aims his dick squarely at his face to squirt his cum in a fitting facial ending.

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Walker Fills Jake With Cock & Cum

Walker Michaels fills Jake Emerson with hard cock and cum

Jake Emerson is back and ready for action. This time around he will be teaming up with a Suck Off Guys veteran, Walker Michaels. Walker has been a busy man lately but jumped at the chance to fuck Jake. The guys start off with some light dialog to easy the tension between them. There wasn’t much tension though, mostly an anxiety to get things going. Jake starts stripping off Walker’s clothes and licking his hairy chest. His tongue works its way down to Walker’s semi hard cock and goes to work sucking him. Walker lifts his knees for Jake to have easy access to Walker’s shaved scrotum and ass crack. Jake gives Walker a good long rimming that really gets his juices flowing. Walker starts humping Jake’s butt crack and teasing him with the tip of his naked cock. As soon as Walker’s dick is covered with a condom Jake sits on it for a ride. Jake expresses his love of Walker’s hard dick in his butt. The guys fuck in a few positions including doggy style where the camera man gives some nice close ups of Walker’s dick sliding all the way in and all the way out. Eventually they end up in a face to face position with Walker holding Jake’s legs in the air. Jake can’t control himself and shoots his cum as Walker is deep inside him. Walker could have added his load to the pools of cum on Jake’s tanned stomach but has something more in line with his work at Suck Off Guys in mind. Walker moves up to Jake’s face to bust his nut directly into Jake’s mouth. A little misses his mouth and splats on Jake’s neck and face. Walker must have shot a nice load because it fills Jake’s mouth so much that cum bubbles start to extend from his mouth.

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Big Dicked Straight Boy Jerks Off

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The producer at Broke Straight Boys says that Kevin has one of the biggest cocks they have seen. Kevin says that it is about 8 inches when fully hard but on his tall and skinny body it sure looks bigger than that. Like most of the guys at BSB, Kevin says that he needs the money. Unlike most of the other models, Kevin admits to being a little bi curious although it is clear he prefers girls. He says that the best sex he ever had was a 4 way with three girls at the same time. Too bad he doesn’t go into that degree of details about his bi side. Kevin isn’t shy about showing off his naked body or big dick. He easily gets undressed and blushes a little when they start asking him questions about his long soft cock and low hanging balls. I bet he was the envy of most in the showers after gym class and probably still is if he goes to the gym at all. Looking at his thin body I doubt he spents too much time working out though. Kevin is low fat but not much in the muscle department. (except his big sex muscle)

Once fully naked, Kevin grabs the bottle of lube to slick up his cock and gets to stroking. He gets about half hard quickly but has to sit down before he is fully erect. It must be something to do with all the blood needed to fill his dick and keeping his blood pressure stable or something. Once sitting his dick gets even bigger and more impressive. The new photographer at BSB does a great job giving us close ups of Kevin’s wet dick, balls, feet, hairy legs, and even his butt when he lifts his legs to finger his hole. Ahh… the bi side starts to show through a little now. Kevin inserts two of his lube covered fingers deep into his boy hole. It is obvious he likes the finger fucking by the way his cock throbs and facial expression changes. Kevin starts to breath heavier as he pumps away. He pulls his fingers from his hole to tug on his balls and rub himself as he gets close to cumming. Kevin squeezes his dick hard when he cums causing the head to swell as the stream of jizz spurts out and lands just below his left nipple that has a thin ring of dark hair around it. The rest of his cum lands on his hairy stomach and fills his belly button.

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