Skinny Guy Shoots a Huge Load

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If you like skinny guys with big dicks then you’re going to go gaga over the latest San Diego boy to get off at Buzz West. Max is his name but a gross understatement when it comes to his performance. You see, for all practical purposes Max is a little guy. He is only 5’5″ tall and weighs no more than a buck and a quarter when he’s soaking wet with a pocket full of change. The contradiction comes when he gets naked. This little guy has a big package! His dick is already getting hard as he lowers his boxer briefs and unlike a lot of guys these days, his pubes are all natural, just like his cock. As his meat grows the foreskin slides back without him even touching it. Max shows off his huge cock and hairy ass before laying down on the bed to stroke out a big load of cum that flies up and splatters across his neck then leaves a trail of goo down his mostly smooth body.

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