Gabe Lawson and Jason St. James

blond gay guy has gay sex with dark haired straight boy

The guys at Bait Buddies are at it again; setting up a straight guy with a gay “bait” for some amateur porn action. In this case the gay guy is cute blond Gabe Lawson. Gabe is excited and happy to help with the ruse before he even sees his partner, Jason St. James. Gabe is happy when Jason takes off his clothes to show off his lean, smooth body. Jason gets hard with just a few strokes of his cock and sits next to Gabe so they can jack off together. The interview of the guys continues and Gabe leans over to start sucking on Jason’s hard cock. Jason like the blowjob; even if it is from a dude but isn’t too keen on returning the oral pleasure to Gabe. Eventually he does suck on Gabe’s dick and takes the full 7.5 inches of dick down his throat. It looks like Jason maybe isn’t as “straight” as he says he is but hey, he’s fun to watch for sure. Especially when the fucking starts. Jason slowly sits down on the big dick and has a painful look as it goes deep up his butt. The pain goes away and Jason rides Gabe’s dick hard. In the preview video you can see how hard Jason’s dick is as it slaps against his stomach. That is one of my favorite parts of the whole video. Jason lays down for some face to face fucking that allows both guys to shoot their wad onto Jason’s hairless chest. Jason cums first, shooting his load all the way up his chest. Gabe follows soon after adding his own jizz to the mix then rubs the head of his sensitive dick along Jason’s cum covered belly.

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