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Emmett Makes A Splash In His First Porn Performance

rugby player jacks off in leather chair

Emmett is a 24 year old east coaster that recently moved to San Diego. His friends back home always said he was too “laid back” and would fit better with the California crowd. If they see Emmett’s jack off video at Spunk Worthy they will see just how laid back this hunky straight boy is. Emmett is a natural exhibitionist. He has no trouble at all stripping out of his clothes and wastes no time trying to be sexy about it. What is hot is his muscular legs and butt as well as his semi hard cock. Emmett plays a lot of sports including lacrosse and American football that have helped to sculpt him well. When Emmett lowers his underwear he is already getting hard. I love it when guys are already excited about getting off with people watching. Emmett shows off his legs and even spreads his ass for a few pictures. Hell, he’s already naked for all to see so why not? After he feels that he has done enough nude poses he sits on the black leather chair and gets to it stroking. Emmett’s dick is an average 6.5 inches. His big hands cover most of the shaft when he grips but he has a few techniques including the overhand eagle that makes his cock throb. Emmett is serious the entire time he jacks off and shoots a serious cumshot too. He shoots a thick stream that hits his stomach first then splashes across his upper leg area. The owner of Spunkworthy says it is one of the biggest they have seen in a while. Guess you’ll have to see and judge for yourself.

Emmett’s free preview video at Spunk Worthy


Doug Gets Gay Blowjob

gay man gives blowjob to bearded straight guy

It’s been a while since Doug has had a good blowjob. Actually, it was the last time he was at the NY Straight Men apartment. Doug doesn’t look THAT big in his pictures but says that most women can’t deep throat him and like to push it in deep when he’s face fucking. Trey is the blowjob expert and has plenty of experience with cocks bigger than Doug’s. Trey gets a double bonus today because Doug had a long ride over in a hot car. Doug’s balls are covered with sweat and have a manly musk that drives Trey crazy. Trey gets down on his knees and gets right to it by undoing Doug’s pants and pulling his cock out for a taste. It isn’t long for Doug to get hard. He grabs the back of Trey’s head and pushes his hard cock deep down Trey’s throat causing a little bit of a gagging but not enough to stop the cock sucker from completing his mission.

Doug gets totally naked and trey takes off his shirt as the guys move over to a wood coffee table for Doug to sit and relax on for the rest of his oral afternoon delight. I thought Doug would be a lot hairier with all that arm hair and the beard. Instead, he has a medium sized patch of light hair in the middle of his chest and a light coat of fuzz that covers his stomach and goes down to his trimmed (but natural looking) pubes. Doug leans back on the table and spreads his legs for complete access by Trey. Trey uses one hand to mind the step children as he sucks and licks Doug’s dick. Occasionally Trey reaches up to Rub Doug’s chest but it looks like Doug would rather just get the blowjob and leave the other stuff alone. Sometimes you gotta love the straight guys that are only looking for a quick get off and go. Doug leans his head back and lets his cum flow as Trey sucks and strokes away. The cum mixed with saliva runs down the shaft of his hard dick and balls to make a wet sticky mess that looks great.

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18 Year Old Jacks His Big Cock

tattooed 18 year old jacks off his 9 inch cock

Tony has been wanting to do porn for a wwhile and now that he is 18 and legal, his dreams come true when he hooks up with the producer of Cruiser Boys. Tony isn’t shy at all about showing off his smooth tattooed body. I can only imagine the look on the camera man’s face when Tony lowers his jeans and underwear and his huge soft cock flops out. Tony is almost at full size even soft and his fat 9 inch cock looks impressive even in its flaccid state. When the head finally is released from his shorts he gets a big smile on his face as he looks up into the camera. I bet it’s not the first time people have been amazed by his big swinging boy meat. When I was in high school we had a guy like Tony in swimming class that was short and petite and had a huge cock as well, maybe even bigger. Even the straight guys commented on how big he was and I always had trouble concentrating in 5 th hour history because he sat right next to me. Oh how Tony reminds me of the good old days. Tony’s even better though because he has ink (which turns me on) and he actually gets hard and plays with his monster cock. Tony starts stroking until he is hard then pulls out a FleshJack jack off toy to push his dick into. A FleshJack feels great on any sized dick but I bet it was especially tight on his thick dick. Next time maybe we’ll get to watch some lucky guy suck that big dick. I know lots of guys who will volunteer if Tony is looking.

Tony gets off at Cruiser Boys


Skinny Guy Shoots a Huge Load

skinny guy jacks his fat uncut cock

If you like skinny guys with big dicks then you’re going to go gaga over the latest San Diego boy to get off at Buzz West. Max is his name but a gross understatement when it comes to his performance. You see, for all practical purposes Max is a little guy. He is only 5’5″ tall and weighs no more than a buck and a quarter when he’s soaking wet with a pocket full of change. The contradiction comes when he gets naked. This little guy has a big package! His dick is already getting hard as he lowers his boxer briefs and unlike a lot of guys these days, his pubes are all natural, just like his cock. As his meat grows the foreskin slides back without him even touching it. Max shows off his huge cock and hairy ass before laying down on the bed to stroke out a big load of cum that flies up and splatters across his neck then leaves a trail of goo down his mostly smooth body.

watch Max cum at Buzz West

Gabe Lawson and Jason St. James

blond gay guy has gay sex with dark haired straight boy

The guys at Bait Buddies are at it again; setting up a straight guy with a gay “bait” for some amateur porn action. In this case the gay guy is cute blond Gabe Lawson. Gabe is excited and happy to help with the ruse before he even sees his partner, Jason St. James. Gabe is happy when Jason takes off his clothes to show off his lean, smooth body. Jason gets hard with just a few strokes of his cock and sits next to Gabe so they can jack off together. The interview of the guys continues and Gabe leans over to start sucking on Jason’s hard cock. Jason like the blowjob; even if it is from a dude but isn’t too keen on returning the oral pleasure to Gabe. Eventually he does suck on Gabe’s dick and takes the full 7.5 inches of dick down his throat. It looks like Jason maybe isn’t as “straight” as he says he is but hey, he’s fun to watch for sure. Especially when the fucking starts. Jason slowly sits down on the big dick and has a painful look as it goes deep up his butt. The pain goes away and Jason rides Gabe’s dick hard. In the preview video you can see how hard Jason’s dick is as it slaps against his stomach. That is one of my favorite parts of the whole video. Jason lays down for some face to face fucking that allows both guys to shoot their wad onto Jason’s hairless chest. Jason cums first, shooting his load all the way up his chest. Gabe follows soon after adding his own jizz to the mix then rubs the head of his sensitive dick along Jason’s cum covered belly.

download the full video at Bait Buddies

Austin Chip Strokes His Big Cock

college guy jacks his big cock

20 year old Austin Chip gets off to a great start and keeps the momentum going from stripping to the cumshot in his first scene online now at College Dudes. As Austin lifts his shirt we see his somewhat ripped and hairy abs. The V shape from his hips leads the eyes to the center of his pants and already gives an idea about what we’re going to see as he continues to take off his clothes. His chest isn’t as hairy as he stomach but does have a small field of dark fuzz in the center and around his nipples. Austin flexes his arms and stretches a little before undoing his pants and taking them down so he’s wearing nothing except his underwear. He takes a little pause now to stroke his soft dick to hardness before showing it to us. I don’t know why he’s self conscious about his cock; it is a nice 7.5 inches when it gets fully hard and looks great sticking out from his dark trimmed pubes. Once he is rock hard he lowers the boxer briefs to show off his ass then lays down on the leather couch to jack off for us. He closes his eyes and rubs himself as he strokes the big piece of meat between his legs. I wonder what he’s thinking of because his cock seems to throb a little more when he slips into the fantasy. It must be good because he stays there right up to the cum shot.

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Noah’s Cock Fun & Facial

blond twink sucks friends dick and gets cum facial

The webmaster at Boys First Time don’t give a lot of information about the amateur twinks that do scenes at their site. We are lucky if we get even one boyz name as in this case where Noah, the blond twink has sex with a nameless dark haired guy. Name or not, these two are hot together and Noah especially looks like he’s having some fun slurping down his new friend’s dick. The big smile on his face is a give away that he loves the cock. His big grin stays while he rides the thin guys dick and gets fucked face to face too. Noah (and us) are treated to a big messy end that leaves everyone smiling. The tall dark haired guy stands up after fucking Noah’s sweet ass to jerk his load across the blond boys face. Noah jerks his load onto the sheet. What we get is a big mes of cum that runs down Noah’s face and chest and splatters all over the bed.

watch the full video at Boys First Time





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