Vicent Gets Blown

hairy chested man gets his fat cock sucked

Vicent is a 40 something construction worker of Spanish decent. He has been married twice and loves to get off and especially blown. Vicent visits the NY Straight Men apartment for just that, a good blowjob with no conditions. Trey couldn’t wait to get the hairy man’s fat cock in his mouth and was down on his knees before Vicent had any of his clothes off. Vicent takes his shirt off while Trey starts the sucking and we get to see his muscular body with hairy chest and stomach. His chest hair is starting to go gray but looks good trimmed short. Trey is surprised by the thickness of Vicent’s cock and has to open wide to get the big uncut meat in. Once the hairy hulk is naked he lays back on a wooden table for Trey to continue the blowjon that he craves. Vicent moans with pleasure and lets Trey do his thing in peace. As the action continues Vicent stands and takes a more aggressive approach to get what he wants, mostly his cock down Trey’s throat. Vicent grabs Trey by the back of the head and pushes his dick all the way in to the base. Vicent face fucks Trey until he gets close to cumming and pulls out in time to shoot his load across Trey’s tattooed shoulder and upper chest. Both men look satisfied when the action is done but in typical straight guy style, Vicent gets dressed and leaves without much talking.

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