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ripped short guy jacks off outside

At only 5’5″ (five foot – five inches/162 cm) tall it is obvious why he is called Shorty but the question is where did he get that nickname. He admits to spending time in prison during his misspent youth. Shorty’s ripped tattooed body is reminiscent of scenes from the old HBO series “Oz”. I personally know many gay men that followed the show simply for the eye candy shown in the rape and shower scenes. (see Christopher Maloni and Lee Tergesen)  Shorty doesn’t get raped but does get naked and showers in this jack off scene at Island Studs.

Shorty is a straight man on vacation with his wife in Hawaii and needed some cash to help with the hotel bill. He loves the Island and is hoping to move there with his family. During the interview he tells us that he started working out and getting inked during his time in prison. Most of his tattoos look professional to me except the faded knuckle tats that do look pure jailhouse ink. His smooth body shows off his muscled physique well and for a straight guy, Shorty doesn’t mind showing off his white butt. Like most of the first time amateurs, they get Shorty to strip naked then take him out for some free labor around the yard. His arms, back, and butt look awesome as he moves fallen fruit and picks up things. Shorty says he fucks his wife every day but still has time to jack off a few times too so getting off won’t be a problem. He sits in a chair and gets to work stroking his hard shaved cock. Shorty is like most first timers and more engrossed with pleasuring himself then putting on a good show but with a body and dick like that, he is still fun to watch. After the cumshot he continues the show, letting us watch him clean up in the shower. Ah yes… those famous shower scenes that made so many gay men horny.

watch Shorty’s free preview video here


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