Sebastian Bevins Jacks Off

dark haired blue eyed college jock jacking off

Since high school I’ve had a thing for guys with dark hair and blue eyes so when I saw Sebastian Bevins last week on College Dudes I was instantly interested. This is Sebastians first video but he looks and sounds excited to get started. During his interview he says that he’s always wanted to have sex in public but is too afraid of being caught so… doing a porn video is probably a good way for him to let his exhibitionist fantasy come to life without risk of criminal charges. Sebastian strips down to a pair of loose boxers and teases us with a view of his nice round ass before dropping his shorts and turning to start stroking his cock. Sebastian starts from a standing position to get hard then sits on the black leather chair that so many other college men have had sex on. Sebastian spreads his legs wide to show off his thick hard cock and hairy ass at the same time. It is that part of the video that I wish to apply for a fluffer job except that Sebastian doesn’t seem to have any trouble staying hard. He changes positions a few times to give different views of his ass, cock, balls, back, and even feet. If there is one thing that the photographer at College Dudes is good at is getting men with little modeling experience to position themselves in a way that present all their assets and Sebastian has some nice assets to show off. After showing off his body and cock he gets back to the chair to finish stroking out his load.

Sebastian cums at College Dudes

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