London Fan Jacks at Randy Blue

tattooed British amateur jacks off

Although nearly all of the models at Randy Blue are porn quality, the site is still considered amateur for a number of reasons. One such reason is the hairy hunk seen above, Ryan Stack. Ryan has been a member of Randy Blue for a number of years and has dreamed of sex with Chris Rockway. Ryan didn’t get to have sex with Chris (yet) but when the producer seen his picture they were willing to let a fan become a model for the site. Ryan has a sexy London accent that will be enough to melt some American boy’s heart right from the start. If the voice and charm don’t interest you then maybe his dark eyes set below short cropped hair on a model quality face will. Ryan has a scruffy yet well groomed look and when he takes off his shirt we see that he has a well taken care of body as well. Ryan has very nice shoulders and a 4 pack set of abs that look great with a light coat of fur. Ryan does a bit of teasing with his white briefs on then covers himself with a white sheet before showing his dick and ass. Ryan does a sexy show for a first timer showing us close ups of his butt and not always grabbing at his hard dick. Lets hope that Ryan did well enough to warrant another appearance. Maybe they can hook him up with Chris… that would be fun to see.

check out Ryan’s video preview here

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