Colt Learns Brandon

Colt has gay sex with Brandon Anderson

I wonder if Brandon Anderson knew what he was getting into when he signed up with Southern Strokes. The 20 year old bisexual was probably thinking that he’d get paid to have sex with some good looking southern boys. Sometimes you should worry about what you wish for because you’ll get it and boy does he get it in this scene with Colt. Colt is a rising star. He is a cute 21 year old straight guy with a nice body, sweet ass, a thick 7.5 inch dick, and a love of sex. This is only Colt’s second time fucking a guy which is ironic because this is Brandon’s second time bottoming. The first time Brandon bottomed was with Aiden Sharp who has a 8 inch cock of normal thickness. Obviously the thickness matters because Brandon has some difficulties as Colt slides his thick cock into his ass.

Brandon and Colt start with some friendly small talk and move right to getting undressed. Brandon may not have much fucking experience but he loves to suck dick and has Colt’s big tool out and in his mouth before Colt’s pants are off. Brandon sucks Colt from a few positions and both guys end up completely naked in short order. Then the anal sex starts; but not well. Cold has Brandon laying face down on the bed as he mounts the bi boys butt. Brandon groans at first, tightens up, and eventually buries his head in the pillow as Colt slides his thick cock in to the hilt. If Colt was nice (or more experienced with men) he would have loosened the poor guys hole up first with some rimming or a lubed finger. Oh well… After a few long strokes Brandon is adjusted to it and starts to get into the pounding being delivered by the horny straight guy. Colt really goes to town fucking Brandon too. Colt does Brandon in at least three positions that end with Brandon bent over the edge of the bed and Colt standing behind him. Colt is pounding away when he pulls out and rips the condom off to jerk his load across Brandon’s back and smooth ass.

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