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18 Year Old Does His First Porn Video

big dicked 18 year old strokes his 10 inch cock

Like lots of growing young men, Billy Hicks has dreamed about doing porn since he learned about it. As soon as he turned 18 Billy started looking for places that he could show off his “talents”. And damn, what talents he has too. Billy has a boyish face that is surrounded by a head of long thick hair. There isn’t a trace of facial hair on his cheeks or chin and only the slightest indication of some fuz on his upper lip. The lack of facial hair gives a good idea of what his body is like, completely smooth. Like lots of the men at You Love jack, Billy takes off his pants and underwear before his tee shirt. His pubes are shaved totally smooth and his cock looks nice, even soft. When he starts stroking it grown and grows to an enormous size. Fully hard billy’s cock is about 10 inches (22.5 cm) long with a slight curve to the right. Personally, I love skinny guys with huge dicks. They look so much bigger against the slim frame and ripped abs. Billy has it all too: cute face, thin body, hairless ripped abs, and a monster cock! After showing off his body and giving some close up views of his big dick he gets to work stroking. With a little lube he is off. For a first timer he does well working to the camera and pauses every so often to give extra looks at his hanging balls and throbbing cock before spurting his cum out onto his stomach. I bet there are a lot of guys that would have been happy to lick the mess from his body.

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Shorty Shows Off

ripped short guy jacks off outside

At only 5’5″ (five foot – five inches/162 cm) tall it is obvious why he is called Shorty but the question is where did he get that nickname. He admits to spending time in prison during his misspent youth. Shorty’s ripped tattooed body is reminiscent of scenes from the old HBO series “Oz”. I personally know many gay men that followed the show simply for the eye candy shown in the rape and shower scenes. (see Christopher Maloni and Lee Tergesen)  Shorty doesn’t get raped but does get naked and showers in this jack off scene at Island Studs.

Shorty is a straight man on vacation with his wife in Hawaii and needed some cash to help with the hotel bill. He loves the Island and is hoping to move there with his family. During the interview he tells us that he started working out and getting inked during his time in prison. Most of his tattoos look professional to me except the faded knuckle tats that do look pure jailhouse ink. His smooth body shows off his muscled physique well and for a straight guy, Shorty doesn’t mind showing off his white butt. Like most of the first time amateurs, they get Shorty to strip naked then take him out for some free labor around the yard. His arms, back, and butt look awesome as he moves fallen fruit and picks up things. Shorty says he fucks his wife every day but still has time to jack off a few times too so getting off won’t be a problem. He sits in a chair and gets to work stroking his hard shaved cock. Shorty is like most first timers and more engrossed with pleasuring himself then putting on a good show but with a body and dick like that, he is still fun to watch. After the cumshot he continues the show, letting us watch him clean up in the shower. Ah yes… those famous shower scenes that made so many gay men horny.

watch Shorty’s free preview video here


Amateur Aussie’s First Porn Video

skinny guy jacks his long dick

Bentley Race has a new Aussie mate that is itching to do some porn. TJ Nelson is this new guys name and if his debut jack off vid is used as a sort of audition, I’m fairly sure we will be seeing him back for some sex scenes soon. TJ is a natural in front of the camera. He does some poses wearing only a cap, sweat bands, blue briefs, and socks. Once of the best parts of amateur porn is the real look of the guys. In so much gay porn the guys are all air brushed looking pretty boys. TJ has a scruffy face and a skinny, semi-hairy body that is trimmed but not shaved. His body has so little fat that you can see his underlying bones and his abs naturally ripped. TJ gives us a look at his butt first by pulling down the back of his inderwear then turns to show off his long uncut cock. The underwear comes off but he leaves the other sporting gear on as he starts jerking. TJ strokes faster and harder stopping once in a while to show us how hard he is and rub his balls a little. When it comes to cumming TJ has porn quality cumshot too! The jizz covers his abs with big squirts and even gets some on the sofa.

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Vicent Gets Blown

hairy chested man gets his fat cock sucked

Vicent is a 40 something construction worker of Spanish decent. He has been married twice and loves to get off and especially blown. Vicent visits the NY Straight Men apartment for just that, a good blowjob with no conditions. Trey couldn’t wait to get the hairy man’s fat cock in his mouth and was down on his knees before Vicent had any of his clothes off. Vicent takes his shirt off while Trey starts the sucking and we get to see his muscular body with hairy chest and stomach. His chest hair is starting to go gray but looks good trimmed short. Trey is surprised by the thickness of Vicent’s cock and has to open wide to get the big uncut meat in. Once the hairy hulk is naked he lays back on a wooden table for Trey to continue the blowjon that he craves. Vicent moans with pleasure and lets Trey do his thing in peace. As the action continues Vicent stands and takes a more aggressive approach to get what he wants, mostly his cock down Trey’s throat. Vicent grabs Trey by the back of the head and pushes his dick all the way in to the base. Vicent face fucks Trey until he gets close to cumming and pulls out in time to shoot his load across Trey’s tattooed shoulder and upper chest. Both men look satisfied when the action is done but in typical straight guy style, Vicent gets dressed and leaves without much talking.

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Sebastian Bevins Jacks Off

dark haired blue eyed college jock jacking off

Since high school I’ve had a thing for guys with dark hair and blue eyes so when I saw Sebastian Bevins last week on College Dudes I was instantly interested. This is Sebastians first video but he looks and sounds excited to get started. During his interview he says that he’s always wanted to have sex in public but is too afraid of being caught so… doing a porn video is probably a good way for him to let his exhibitionist fantasy come to life without risk of criminal charges. Sebastian strips down to a pair of loose boxers and teases us with a view of his nice round ass before dropping his shorts and turning to start stroking his cock. Sebastian starts from a standing position to get hard then sits on the black leather chair that so many other college men have had sex on. Sebastian spreads his legs wide to show off his thick hard cock and hairy ass at the same time. It is that part of the video that I wish to apply for a fluffer job except that Sebastian doesn’t seem to have any trouble staying hard. He changes positions a few times to give different views of his ass, cock, balls, back, and even feet. If there is one thing that the photographer at College Dudes is good at is getting men with little modeling experience to position themselves in a way that present all their assets and Sebastian has some nice assets to show off. After showing off his body and cock he gets back to the chair to finish stroking out his load.

Sebastian cums at College Dudes

Bull’s First Public Jack Off

watch the full video at Straight Fraternity

Bull spoke to Nikko months ago about getting off on camera for us at Straight Fraternity but this sexy college guy has been busy. Busy doing what, I don’t know but from the looks of him undressed, probably working out or training for some type of swimming. Bull has very short buzzed hair and a lean ripped body that is near completely absent of any hair. Ya gotta love those swimmer boys with their fat free and completely smooth bodies. When he lowers his underwear we see that his pubes are shaved too but I doubt he has been going into the pool naked. Bull does dream of sex in public though so who knows where he may be showing off his naked body and cock. Bull shows off his ass, feet, and abs then lays back on the bed to jerk out his first on camera cum shot. Bull is mostly quiet as he jacks off but definitely gets vocal when he cums.

college jock jacks his shaved cock and cums

London Fan Jacks at Randy Blue

tattooed British amateur jacks off

Although nearly all of the models at Randy Blue are porn quality, the site is still considered amateur for a number of reasons. One such reason is the hairy hunk seen above, Ryan Stack. Ryan has been a member of Randy Blue for a number of years and has dreamed of sex with Chris Rockway. Ryan didn’t get to have sex with Chris (yet) but when the producer seen his picture they were willing to let a fan become a model for the site. Ryan has a sexy London accent that will be enough to melt some American boy’s heart right from the start. If the voice and charm don’t interest you then maybe his dark eyes set below short cropped hair on a model quality face will. Ryan has a scruffy yet well groomed look and when he takes off his shirt we see that he has a well taken care of body as well. Ryan has very nice shoulders and a 4 pack set of abs that look great with a light coat of fur. Ryan does a bit of teasing with his white briefs on then covers himself with a white sheet before showing his dick and ass. Ryan does a sexy show for a first timer showing us close ups of his butt and not always grabbing at his hard dick. Lets hope that Ryan did well enough to warrant another appearance. Maybe they can hook him up with Chris… that would be fun to see.

check out Ryan’s video preview here





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