Corey Eats The Cum Off Austin’s Stomach

Corey fucks Austin bareback then eats their cum off Austin's tattooed stomach

When Austin got his first look at Corey’s long dick he immediately told the photographer at 18 Up Studs he wanted a piece. Corey agreed to do a mutual jerk off video with Corey but once the guys are naked and jerking next to each other Austin can’t control himself. Austin is stroking Corey’s hard cock then moves himself to Corey’s lap and starts sucking his long skinny dick. Once Corey’s dick is covered with spit and dripping precum Austin rubs some lube on his ass and sits down on Corey’s cock. The guys are so horny they don’t bother with a condom and Corey gets to work fucking Austin’s smooth twink ass bareback every which way. Austin seems to love Corey’s big dick in him as much as Corey likes giving it to him. The action is intense and non stop as the guys move right from one position to another and neither goes soft. The way that Austin starts the action deep throating Corey’s long cock and the aggressiveness of Corey fucking his partner you’d think that Austin would be the cum whore but in a twist to the end it is Austin that bends over to lick the cum off Austin’s tattooed stomach and eats it. In the end both men are satisfied; Austin had his fill of Corey’s cock and Corey his fill of creamy jizz juice.

watch Corey and Austin’s videos here

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