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Jamie and Rocco Swap Blow Jobs

straight boy gets a face full of cum

Rocco and Jamie have both done previous scenes for Broke Straight Boys so they know the drill… get naked, have sex with a guy, get off, get paid. While the sex that each has had on the futon may have been intense, it couldn’t have prepared either for what was expected today. The two straight guys start jacking off next to each other at far ends from each other with long haired Rocco on the left and tattooed Jamie to the right. The guys talk about how broke they each are and desperate for some cash to pay bills. To get them in the mood for what is to come, they are given two squirt guns filled with cream. Rocco squirts Jamie right in the face and the fight begins. Jamie looks great with his chest covered with cream but looks even better a few minutes later when he is naked and sucking on Rocco’s big dick. You can’t tell very well while he’s sitting but Rocco has a nice long cock that he pushes all the way down Jamie’s experienced throat. Jamie gets on his knees and gives Rocco a great blowjob. At one point Jamie jokes that Rocco is enjoying himself too much and Rocco is like well hell ya I’m getting a blowjob and getting paid for it. Rocco informs Jaime when he gets close and Jamie opens his mouth wide for Rocco to shoot his load into. Even after he cums, Jamie continues to suck on Rocco’s sensitive dick and licks every drop of jizz clean off his partners cock. Now it is Jamie’s turn to get blown except that Rocco isn’t very good at sucking dick. Rocco does his best to deep throat Jamie but frankly sucks at sucking dick. That’s okay though because Jamie impresses with an amazing cumshot that sprays across Rocco’s face and outstretched tongue. A bit of cum gets into Rocco’s eye making for a funny moment but Jamie continues to jerk his load onto Rocco. Now that both boys have tasted cum and one is covered with it, they grab the same towel used to clean up the cream and wipe their faces off the straight boys cum.

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Sky Seduces Luis

twink with pierced dick has sex with his uncut neighbor

You things are going to get interesting when pierced and tattooed twink Skye answers the door in nothing except his underwear. Luis notices the big bulge of Skye’s growing cock and bashfully comes in to see what will happen next. Skye talks to Luis a bit as he moves in and starts rubbing Luis’ chest and lifting his shirt to expose his tanned smooth body. The guys kiss each other and Sky starts to lick Luis neck. The neck is a huge erogenous area for Luis causing him to quickly strip off his pants and boxers to stand naked and ready for action with his aggressively cute neighbor. Skye takes the soft uncut cock in his mouth and plays with Luis’ balls. The bulge in Skye’s underwear is getting bigger as he sucks on his visitors hard cock and a small area of precum can be seen leaking through. Now that Luis is fully erect Skye hands him a condom and bottle of lube while he takes off his underwear. The guys move from the kitchen to the dinning area where Luis sits to put the condom on. Skye straddles Luis and sits on the dark skinned boys condom covered cock. After riding Luis in the chair, Skye lays down on the dinning room table for a proper fucking. Luis looks very happy as he slides his long dick all the way in and all the way out of Skye’s semi hairy ass. Sky is loving the feeling of Luis fucking him and jerks himself as they continue. Luis quickly pulls out to remove the condom as he gets close to cumming and strokes his load onto Skye’s balls and ass. Skye follows soon after shooting his own jizz across his hairless stomach. Seeing the fun that Luis had and knowing how much Skye loves the cock; I’m sure this won’t be the last time Luis stops by.

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Corey Eats The Cum Off Austin’s Stomach

Corey fucks Austin bareback then eats their cum off Austin's tattooed stomach

When Austin got his first look at Corey’s long dick he immediately told the photographer at 18 Up Studs he wanted a piece. Corey agreed to do a mutual jerk off video with Corey but once the guys are naked and jerking next to each other Austin can’t control himself. Austin is stroking Corey’s hard cock then moves himself to Corey’s lap and starts sucking his long skinny dick. Once Corey’s dick is covered with spit and dripping precum Austin rubs some lube on his ass and sits down on Corey’s cock. The guys are so horny they don’t bother with a condom and Corey gets to work fucking Austin’s smooth twink ass bareback every which way. Austin seems to love Corey’s big dick in him as much as Corey likes giving it to him. The action is intense and non stop as the guys move right from one position to another and neither goes soft. The way that Austin starts the action deep throating Corey’s long cock and the aggressiveness of Corey fucking his partner you’d think that Austin would be the cum whore but in a twist to the end it is Austin that bends over to lick the cum off Austin’s tattooed stomach and eats it. In the end both men are satisfied; Austin had his fill of Corey’s cock and Corey his fill of creamy jizz juice.

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Corpsman Tanner Blows AC

navy guy gives straight marine a blowjob and swallows

Dirty Tony may not know the differnece between a marine and a navy guy but he definitely knows how to get these military guys off. Today we see corpsman Tanner on a bivouac with straight marine AC. AC seems a little uncomfortable with the navy boy’s advances but gives in as his cock grows hard under his BDUs. Tanner looks amazingly hot in his white uniform and AC, well AC would look hot in (or out) of anything he wears. Tanner pulls the marine’s cock out and starts sucking. AC leans back on the cot at first but later assumes a position better suited to face fuck the navy boys hot mouth. Tanner loves the cock and AC doesn’t seem to care at this point who gets him off. You know how those straight guys are, as long as they cum they don’t care. Tanner deep throats the big cock and plays with his balls up to the point where AC pulls out and sprays his load all over Tanner’s face. Tanner looks continues to lick the remaining jizz from AC’s dick as the cum runs down the side of his face and neck down into the collar of his uniform shirt.

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Blake Thomas Does Porn Video With a Gay Guy

tattooed gay guy has sex with pale straight boy

The guys at Bait Buddies are back to the casting couch after a long road trip to Las Vegas. Today the straight boy that thinks he is going to do a porn audition with a girl is Blake Thomas. Blake has fuzzy hair and average looks that includes a red farmers tan. Blake is excited to do the porn video and is open about his sex life with the crazy girl he recently broke up with. When it comes time for him to get naked he stands up and drops his pants to show us that he really does keep it real. Blake has a huge bush of dark pubic hair that surrounds and overgrows his average sized cock. All the hair makes his dick look small while it’s soft but we’ll see it grows to a very nice size when he sits down to start stroking with his gay bait partner Isaac Hamilton. The boys sit beside each other jerking off until the producer gives Blake the bad news that girls are not going to show up. Blake needs the money and the producers want something for their time so they offer Blake double the money is he will fool around with Isaac. It doesn’t take long after Blake agrees for Isaac to reach over and grab Blake’s hard cock to start stroking. Blake obviously like the feeling of Isaac’s hand rubbing his slick dick and moves his own hand over to take a feel of Isaac’s rock hard cock. Isaac moves in to suck Blake and deep throats him with little effort. Blake has some issues getting Isaac’s dick in his mouth but gives it a try and doesn’t look like he enjoys having a cock in his mouth. While dick sucking may not be in Blake’s gay porn repertoire, getting fucked in the ass is! Blake straddles Isaac’s thin hips, grabs his 7 inch dick, and sits down on it. It goes in slow and Blake doesn’t look like he enjoys it at all but he takes every hard inch up his straight boy ass. Once his hole is relaxed, Isaac positions Blake for a proper fucking and continues to pump Blake’s ass while Blake strokes himself. Blake can’t take the dick up his butt for long and has to stop because of the pain but he sure was fun to watch and shoot his load. Yes, Blake shoots a nice load after the intense fucking provided by Isaac. In the end, Blake admits that sex with a man wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be and he even liked the blowjob enough that he’d do it again.

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Parker’s First Gay Fuck is Bareback

tattooed college man gets sucked by a dude and fucks him

Since Parker first appeared at Straight Fraternity stroking his 8 inch cock he has been a members favorite. He has survived the Straight Frat initiation from the previous pledgemaster and is obviously in the good graces of his new replacement because Parker is back with an online fan, Tad for his first gay fuck.

Tad is excited to meet Parker in person and can’t wait to get his hands on Parker. Tad massages Parker’s bare feet and makes his way up to the straight college man’s crotch. It doesn’t take very long before Parker’s pants are off and Tad has his hard cock out through Parker’s boxers. The handjob leads to a blowjob where Tad shows his oral prowess by taking all eight inches down his throat. After the expert oral Parker is ready to fuck Tad’s ass. When Tad gets naked it is obvious that he is hairy. Tad’s chest and stomach are covered with a trimmed coat of dark fur. Tad lathers a gob of lube onto Parker’s throbbing dick then turns to the camera, grabs his uncut cock and balls to give us an unobstructed view, and sits down on Parker’s raw cock. Parker loves the feeling of Tad’s tight hole. Fucking a man bareback provides the straight guy more sensation than screwing a girl with a condom ever has and my personal opinion, definitely more fun to watch. Once Tad’s hole is relaxed Parker bends him over the edge of the bed to fuck him from behind. You can clearly see the pleasure and intensity on Parker’s face as he pounds Tad.

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Ben Gets Gay Blowjob

21 year old gets his first gay blowjob

Ben Porter is a 21 year old tattooed straight guy that we may be seeing more of at Suck Off Guys judging by the happy look on his face after receiving his first gay blowjob from Aaron. They call Ben a “gentle giant” in his scene description. Ben is tall and has a nice cock to be sure but giant may be pressing it a bit. Gentle is a good word though. Ben is soft spoken and friendly as he undresses for the camera to show off his lean body with 3 to 4 tattoos and trimmed chest hair. He seems a little shy at first but gets hard easy once his pants are off and his dick is in Aaron’s mouth. Aaron French has a lot of experience sucking dick and making straight guys feel comfortable as he pleasures them orally. When Aaron starts to lick Ben’s shaft and balls you can clearly see that the amateur straight boy is enjoying the attention by the big smile on his face. For a guy that starts out a little shy; Ben has no trouble expressing how good his gay blowjob feels and every so often reaches down to direct Aaron’s face to do more. It’s awesome when horny guys grab hold of the back of a cock suckers head to keep the full length of their meat in longer and Aaron seems to love it so why not? Ben gets blown standing at first then sits down and stretches out for the cum shot that lands partly in Aaron’s mouth and splashes a little across his bearded face. Again Ben has a big happy smile as Aaron milks the remaining jizz from his hard wet cock.

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