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Hairy Amateur Jacks His Uncut Cock

hairy chested jock jacks his uncut cock

Dylan is an awesome amateur! I’ll just get that out of the way because I love real amateur men that do first time porn for sites like spunkworthy. Too many porn star wannabe’s shave everything off the day before a shoot or spend too much time in the tanner and look lobster red. That isn’t the case at all with Dylan. This hunky Californian jock is all natural in every way. His open and friendly personality makes for a fun and impromptu interview that gets exciting as he starts to strip off his clothes. Dylan has a muscular and well defined upper body as a result of Marine Corps PT and playing a number of extreme sports like kickboxing and MMA fighting. His chest and stomach are covered with a light coat of strawberry blond hair that looks trimmed but is obviously not shaved. His bushy pubes don’t even look trimmed as the hair grows right up the base of his uncut dick. Once Dylan is naked he shows off his ass and cock before sitting on the black chair that so many men before him have gotten off on to stroke out his own load of cum. To be honest, his jack off video is a lot like other amateur men but the personality and body is uniquely Dylan and all sexy sexy amateur.

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Billy Gets Blown

straight guy gets rimmed and blown

The last time Billy was visiting New York he called the guys at NY Straight Men to see about getting another blowjob. There is a new cocksucker that loves hairy men and was very happy at the chance to get Billy’s cock in his mouth. Billy wore his Lucky brand jeans to the taping which is kind of funny. If you are not familiar with Lucky jeans, the inside edge of the zipper (or in this case the button fly) says “Lucky You” on them with a four leaf clover. The NYSM cocksucker gets on his knees to rub Billy’s dick through his black briefs then pulls them down to start sucking. Billy has a red bushy beard and a coat of thick dark fur that covers his chest and stomach. The lucky sucker can’t keep his hands from Billy’s hairy body as he sucks Billy’s dick and rims his hairy ass. The rimming really gets Billy going and ready to bust his nut when the dick sucking continues. Billy blasts a very thick load of jizz that lands in the fur on his lower stomach. As you can see in the picture, the dick sucker doesn’t care that Billy has cum and keeps up with the sucking and licking until the hairy straight man goes soft.

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Three Frat Boys Suck & Fuck

College boy sucks two cocks and gets fucked

The guy in the wife beater and shorts directs the action as three young college men are forced to have gay sex in this hazing video. My favorite in this scene has to be the tattooed blond that gets naked first and steps into a wooden box. Two fraternity bothers come along and are commanded to join in. The straight dark haired guy strips naked and begins to suck the blond’s hard cock while the pre-med student does a close up anal exam of the straight guys ass. All three are ordered into the box and the guy in the yellow shirt gets on his knees between the two naked guys to suck their dicks. There are some good close up views of the blond’s hard curved cock going into the shaggy college boy’s mouth while the other straight guy watches and strokes his meat. After some time in the box the college cock sucker gets naked too and takes the blond jock’s hard cock in his butt. The blond fucks the shaggy dude on his back at first. The shaggy bottom climbs on for a ride while sucking the dark haired guys dick. I don’t remember college being so fun. Did I miss something not living in the dorms?

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Trey’s First Porn Video

amateur British man jacks his hard uncut cock

23 year old Trey appears to be a little guy at first. He’s only 5’10” (175 cm) tall with a skinny 30″ (75 cm) waist. His soft spoken but outgoing demeanor is perfect for a guy getting ready to shoot his first gay porn video at Blake Mason – amateur English men. It doesn’t take long for Trey to get naked. His lean body is nearly hairless except for a small patch of pubic hair. Trey plays with his foreskin a bit then moves into a few positions to give a look at his smooth ass and long skinny legs before getting back to the bed and begin stroking his uncut cock. Within minutes it is clear that Trey’s dick is big. Sometimes small guys cock looks bigger because of proportion but that isn’t the case with Trey as his dick is 8 inches long! (20 cm cock) Trey slowly strokes his meat at first then gets a harder pump going while cupping his shaved balls. He moves back and forth from a laying to standing position until ending back on the bed to shoot his British jizz onto his stomach.

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