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Scott Isaac and Chase Rawling Suck & Fuck

scott isaac and chase rawling suck dick and fuck

Spiked hair blong Scott Isaac hooks up with dark haired jock Chase Rawling in this suck and video that leaves Chase rode hard and put away wet. The guys start vanilla enough with some light kissing and petting as they get each other undressed. Once naked, they take turns sucking each other dick. Chase does a good job swallowing Scott’s full 7.5 inch cock and loves it when Scott moves his big dick to his ass. Scott rubs his hard dick along Chase’s crack then puts a condom on and begins to fuck him. Scott long strokes Chase from no less than 3 positions. Chase moans, groans, and grunts with pleasure and pleads to be slapped as Scott fills his ass with hard cock.

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Hairy Amateur’s Shower Jerk

hairy amateur jacks off in the shower

Matthew Ross is a welcome newcomer to the stable of amateur men that display everything at Man Avenue. Matthew starts dressed doing his interview sitting on the stairs. We get a look at his lean athletic chest and shoulders as he lifts his shirt. Matthew’s chest is covered with a light coat of fuzz but his washboard abs are smooth like his shaved cock and balls. There hair on his legs and ass is thick and very noticeable. It’s a stark contrast moving from Matthew’s front to back going from completely shaved to totally hairy within a few inches as his balls move to his ass. Matthew moves from the stairway to the bathroom where he begins to stroke his cock. Matthew has a nice uncut cock that isn’t too big but is larger than average. You can tell that Matthew like to have his balls played with as he continues to tug on them while stroking.

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Tyler West First Porn Video

Tyler West jacks off and cums

A big warm welcome to Tyler West, the latest newbie to get off for us at Southern Strokes. It’s no secrete that I lean towards smooth jocks with piercings and tattoos and Tyler fits the bill perfectly. Tyler is a 21 year old college student from Texas that wasn’t available during the recent Texas sex tour but the guys at Southern Strokes wanted him and made arrangements around his school schedule to get him into the studio for his first jack off gay porn video. Tyler is 5’7′ tall or 5’11” if you count his spiked hair. As he takes off his shirt we get to see his lean smooth body with both nipples pierced. He has an athletic body with sweet abs but isn’t a muscle head. The spiked hair, tattoo, and piercings were already enough for me to get hard but Tyler wasn’t naked yet and things continued to get better as he strips to a black jock strap and poses to show off his ass before taking his dick out. Tyler starts stroking and it isn’t long before his cock is fully hard and standing tall at about 7 inches long. Tyler looks awesome as he pumps his cock back and forth. Just when you think he’s getting ready to shoot he reaches over for a big purple dildo that he slides up his semi hairy hole. The camera shows every inch as it moves up his wet, lubed hole. The way Tyler moves and moans with pleasure from the dildo I just know it won’t be long before we see this little hottie getting fucked. Tyler finishes his debut with a great cumshot that send jizz flying up his smooth body to splatter on his shoulder and leaves a white milky trail running down his stomach.

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Four Amateur Men Suck & Jack

Aaron French sucks three amateur mens cocks

Suck Off Guys is the sister site of Bareback Place. Both are amateur sites run by a horny couple that loves to tape themselves or other regular guys having sex. To be honest, the reason until now that I haven’t ever done a post is a mystery as I’ve been enjoying the pictures and videos from both sites for a while. They have a real love of raw sex, cock, and cum. Usually a man named Seth is on the receiving end but today it is another bearded middle aged man Aaron French that is the lucky cocksucker that takes on three horny dudes Quinn Blackwood, Trevor Grant, and Walker Michaels. With nothing more in the room than some photo lights and a gray backdrop the three men strip naked and start jerking their dicks as Aaron moves between them on his knees giving each a good sucking. The guys talk, joke, and have fun while enjoying the expert oral pleasure provided by Aaron. Trevor is the last to loosen up but the first to cum, shooting his jizz across Aaron’s beard. The other two soon follow suite and Aaron has a face full of cum surrounded by three satisfied men ready for a shower.

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David Jacobs FleshJacks

Tattooed straight man jerks off with a FleshLight

David Jacobs relaxes on the bed and tells us he is excited about doing his jack off video with the FleshJack that he’s heard so much about. His wife bought him a jerk off sleeve at a sex party one time but it was so small and cheaply made that his thick 8 inch cock barely fit into the small opening and it kept falling off his hard dick. Without much fanfare, David strips naked to reveal his tattooed body with shaved chest and trimmed pubes then reaches right for the ultimate male sex toy and a bottle of lube. Like most guys who first use the amazing masturbation toy, he has a very happy look on his face. David rubs his smooth body as he slides the full length of his hard curved dick in and out. He jerks his pole kneeling for a bit then lays back in the bed to finish up with his hand spraying his jizz onto his hairless stomach.

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Orlando Trains Bareback Newbie

Orlando and Danny bareback suck and fuck

Danny has been texting and calling the owner of Chaos Men for a while wanting to do a scene. There were two problems that were putting Danny off, first he stated that he wouldn’t bottom and second, he is really tall. Once Danny agreed to bottom Orlando volunteered to train Danny in the ways of bareback bottoming. You can see how excited Danny is to be doing his first porn shoot with a partner. Orlando is one of the experienced redheads at Choas Men and does a great job easing Danny into the man on man sex with a bit of kissing and dick sucking that gets him hard almost instantly. The guys take turns sucking each other for a bit then Orlando decides it is time to teach the anal sex newbie how to take a cock like a man. Orlando climbs up and sits his tight ass down on Danny’s hard pole. Danny certainly likes the feeling of fucking of Orlando riding his raw cock and thrusts his hips to get every inch of pleasure from Orlando’s butt. The time comes for Danny to take his first dick and readies himself knees to elbows on the bed. Danny scrunches his butt down so that Orlando can get his cock high enough to enter. Orlando slides his dick into Danny’s ass slow at first and gets on his tip toes to continue with the screwing. It isn’t long before painful grimaces turn to sighs of pleasure as Orlando puts Danny on his back with ass closer to the floor for a hardcore fucking. In a photographic style common to Chaos Men, Orlando shoots his load directly onto Danny’s hairy ass as we watch with a close up view.

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