Straight Boy Rex Pounds Ashton’s Ass

Ashton and Rex suck dick and have anal sex

Tattooed straight boy Ashton has been a recent regular at Broke Straight Boys. His outgoing personality, big dick, and willingness to suck cock or get fucked for lots of cash has made him a member’s favorite. Today he is partnered up with a relative newcomer, Rex who has done a few videos to earn cash for him and his girlfriend to get a place together. The guys sit together on the magical BSB futon but Ashton does most of the talking. Both guys know the drill and are ready to get started so they can get paid. They each strip naked and Rex gets right to work sucking on Ashton’s big dick. You can tell that Rex is excited about fucking his new friend because his own cock is already semi hard when the boys change position and Ashton goes down on Rex. Ashton even proves he is the more experienced by deep throating Rex’s full cock. Rex’s cock is still standing at full attention with a slight upward curve as he puts on a condom and Ashton rubs lots of lube on his butt hole. Rex slides his full length slowly but Ashton has a painful look and clenches his teeth for a minute as he adjusts to being penetrated by another dude. Rex fucks Aston doggy style first then with Ashton on his back. While on his back, Ashton grabs his soft cock and starts stroking while Rex continues to fuck him. Before long Ashton is shooting a nice load and cum spurts in rhythm with the fucking motion of Rex’s dick moving in and out of Ashton’s ass. Rex continues to stroke his throbbing meat as Ashton cleans up his jizz covered stomach. Ashton doesn’t stay free of cum for long though. Rex moves beside Ashton and jerks his own cum load onto the straight boy’s smooth chest.

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