Fernando & Skyler Lane Flip Flop Fun

Skyler Lane and Fernando flip flop suck and fuck

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When Skyler Lane and Fernando meet up they tell the Southern Strokes producer that they will flip flop positions so that both gets the chance to be top and bottom. That was enough to get me excited as both amateur southern men have impressed me wanking their big dicks in their jack off videos. Skyler has an 8 inch cut cock that looks average size on his hunky body. Fernando is another story… his 7.5 inch uncut cock looks big on his slender 5’4″ body. Fernando already showed everyone how much he loves the anal stimulation in his jerk off scene and Skyler is ready to give it to him.

The guys start with their interview and quickly start to kiss and make out as they strip off each others clothes. Skyler goes down on Fernando’s semi-hard dick and displays his oral skills taking every bit in his mouth. Fernando flips with Skyler to deep throat his big cock while minding the step children and rubbing his tight ass. The way Fernando plays with Skyler’s butt while sucking his cock I was sure that Skyler would be topped first and he was. Fernando fucks Skyler on his back with legs in the air. Once he’s had his fill, Fernando scoots up to sit on Skyler’s 8 inch pole. Fernando bounces up and down on Skyler’s cock with his own dick looking huge as is bounces in rhythm with the motion.  Fernando loves the feeling of Skyler’s dick in his ass as much as Skyler loves putting it there. The guys change positions so Skyler can continue fucking Fernando on his back. With Skyler pubes deep in Fernando’s butt, Fernando strokes his cock and sprays his load across his stomach. Skyler lays back to pump his own cock while Fernando watches intently with his mouth open for his cum dessert.  Skyler arches his back and sprays his jizz into Fernando’s waiting mouth for a finish that leaves Fernando, Skyler, and me fully satisfied.

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