Bo Gets Full Body Massage With Happy Ending

Hairy marine gets naked massage with happy ending

Bo was recently home from the marines and called to ask if Buzz still did the massage thing. Bo has jerked off at Buzz West before but has never had his dick touched by a man in a sexual way before. Bo strips naked and gets face down on the sheet covered massage table then Buzz comes in with plenty of oil and a pair of stromg experienced hands to give Bo a massage he won’t soon forget. The back side of Bo’s hairy body is rubbed and kneaded with lots of special attention given to his upper thigh and ass. When it is time to do his front, Bo rolls over and shows us that he has been enjoying the attention as his dick is already semi hard without anyone touching it. Lots of extra oil is rubbed onto Bo’s hairy chest and stomach before the expert hands move to his dick. Buzz strokes Bo’s rock hard cock with his oil covered hand while rubbing his chest, abs, and balls with his other hand. Bo tightens up his muscular legs and arches his back a little as he gets close and shoots his load onto his stomach. Bo has a nice smile and a look of satisfaction with his first gay handjob. He lets us follow him into the shower where he cleans up the oil and cum from his body and goes back to dry off and get dressed.

straight men get massaged and cum at Buzz West

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