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Straight Boy Rex Pounds Ashton’s Ass

Ashton and Rex suck dick and have anal sex

Tattooed straight boy Ashton has been a recent regular at Broke Straight Boys. His outgoing personality, big dick, and willingness to suck cock or get fucked for lots of cash has made him a member’s favorite. Today he is partnered up with a relative newcomer, Rex who has done a few videos to earn cash for him and his girlfriend to get a place together. The guys sit together on the magical BSB futon but Ashton does most of the talking. Both guys know the drill and are ready to get started so they can get paid. They each strip naked and Rex gets right to work sucking on Ashton’s big dick. You can tell that Rex is excited about fucking his new friend because his own cock is already semi hard when the boys change position and Ashton goes down on Rex. Ashton even proves he is the more experienced by deep throating Rex’s full cock. Rex’s cock is still standing at full attention with a slight upward curve as he puts on a condom and Ashton rubs lots of lube on his butt hole. Rex slides his full length slowly but Ashton has a painful look and clenches his teeth for a minute as he adjusts to being penetrated by another dude. Rex fucks Aston doggy style first then with Ashton on his back. While on his back, Ashton grabs his soft cock and starts stroking while Rex continues to fuck him. Before long Ashton is shooting a nice load and cum spurts in rhythm with the fucking motion of Rex’s dick moving in and out of Ashton’s ass. Rex continues to stroke his throbbing meat as Ashton cleans up his jizz covered stomach. Ashton doesn’t stay free of cum for long though. Rex moves beside Ashton and jerks his own cum load onto the straight boy’s smooth chest.

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Latino Boy’s First Jerk Off Video Makes A Splash

Straight Latino jerks his 8 inch cock and sprays cum

Rubio is a straight, 19 year old Latino boy that knows how to make a splash in his first gay porn video. Rubio takes his time removing his shirt and pants and shows us his smooth chest and slightly hairy stomach. He turns to give a clear view of his hairy ass as he lowers his boxers and starts to play with the big piece of foreskin hanging from his thick uncut cock. Even soft, you can tell that Rubio has a nice piece of meat hanging between his hairy legs. He strokes his dick until it’s straining at its full 8 inch length. Even fully hard the skin covers the head of his dick until he starts rubbing it and slides it down. After showing off in the living room, Rubio goes into the bedroom to relax on his bed and slowly jack his massive meat. Rubio doesn’t get too excited as he jerks his cock and gets ready to cum but when the jizz flies it really spurts with force. Rubio’s cum splashes against the wall behind him, hits the side of his face, and leaves a white sticky trail down his smooth chest. With a big smile on his face from a job well done, Rubio continues to grab the base of his still hard dick for one last look. These young Latin studs are such show offs.

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Bo Gets Full Body Massage With Happy Ending

Hairy marine gets naked massage with happy ending

Bo was recently home from the marines and called to ask if Buzz still did the massage thing. Bo has jerked off at Buzz West before but has never had his dick touched by a man in a sexual way before. Bo strips naked and gets face down on the sheet covered massage table then Buzz comes in with plenty of oil and a pair of stromg experienced hands to give Bo a massage he won’t soon forget. The back side of Bo’s hairy body is rubbed and kneaded with lots of special attention given to his upper thigh and ass. When it is time to do his front, Bo rolls over and shows us that he has been enjoying the attention as his dick is already semi hard without anyone touching it. Lots of extra oil is rubbed onto Bo’s hairy chest and stomach before the expert hands move to his dick. Buzz strokes Bo’s rock hard cock with his oil covered hand while rubbing his chest, abs, and balls with his other hand. Bo tightens up his muscular legs and arches his back a little as he gets close and shoots his load onto his stomach. Bo has a nice smile and a look of satisfaction with his first gay handjob. He lets us follow him into the shower where he cleans up the oil and cum from his body and goes back to dry off and get dressed.

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Matthew Experiences Gay Sex With His Friend Cliff

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Cliff Jenson has been doing gay for pay porn for a while now and is okay with gay sex as long as it’s fun and he gets paid. His gay costars don’t mind playing with him or his big dick either. Cliff has been talking to his longtime friend Matthew Singer about his gay porn career and told the Bait Buddies crew that he had a new guy that was interested in doing a scene. The guys look great together and fun taunting each other during their interview. The real fun for us comes when both get naked and start comparing their bodies to each other including their hard cocks. Matthew and Cliff each sport a thick 8.5 inch cock! The way they handle each others big dick is different though. Neither can completely swallow the others dick and poor Cliff almost has tears in his eyes as he gags on his friends long fat cock. Good thing the dick sucking doesn’t last too long before Cliff rolls a condom over his hard meat and applies a lot of lube while Matthew gets on his knees to be fucked for the first time. Cliff remembers his first time and goes easy on his buddy. He preps the straight boy’s hole with lots of lube and pushes the head of his dick in slow and easy. Matthew squirms a bit but gets used to the fat cock stretching his hole. Before long Cliff is going full tilt slamming his buddies butt doggy style and face to face. Mathew strokes his dick to shoot his load as Cliff fucks him then Cliff adds his own jizz to the mix. It looks like Matthew is a natural and had fun for his first gay sex experience.

Matt Singer hooks up with Cliff Jenson for gay sex

Lucas Rims and Blows Tim

Lucas licks Tims hairy ass then sucks him off to a facial cumshot

Even though Tim is straight he openly admits that he loves to have his ass licked. While he’d rather have it done by a girl, he’ll take a good rimming any way he can get it. Today Tim will be getting his butt tongued by NY Straight Men’s bearded cocksucker, Lucas. When Tim shows up he knows what he wants and Lucas is ready to go. Lucas drops the straight guys jeans and starts to play with his cock through his loose gray boxers. It doesn’t take very long before Tim is sporting a nice tent in his shorts. Lucas releases Tim’s hard dick to start blowing him. Tim likes the blowjob but came to get his ass rimmed. Lucas moves Tim to the sofa and lifts his legs to provide access for his bearded face to get in close between the straight guys ass cheeks. Based on the look of Tim’s face, he wasn’t lying when he said that he loves to be rimmed. Lucas continues to lick Tim’s ass in a number of positions including a moment when Tim literally sits on Lucas’ face. Once Tim is satisfied with the ass tonguing he stands up for Lucas to finish the job sucking him off. Lucas deep throats Tim’s hard cock and plays with his balls until Tim shoots his cum across Lucas’ face. Having Tim’s cum on his lips and smeared across his beard brings a big smile to Lucas who takes pride in a blowjob well done.

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Fernando & Skyler Lane Flip Flop Fun

Skyler Lane and Fernando flip flop suck and fuck

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When Skyler Lane and Fernando meet up they tell the Southern Strokes producer that they will flip flop positions so that both gets the chance to be top and bottom. That was enough to get me excited as both amateur southern men have impressed me wanking their big dicks in their jack off videos. Skyler has an 8 inch cut cock that looks average size on his hunky body. Fernando is another story… his 7.5 inch uncut cock looks big on his slender 5’4″ body. Fernando already showed everyone how much he loves the anal stimulation in his jerk off scene and Skyler is ready to give it to him.

The guys start with their interview and quickly start to kiss and make out as they strip off each others clothes. Skyler goes down on Fernando’s semi-hard dick and displays his oral skills taking every bit in his mouth. Fernando flips with Skyler to deep throat his big cock while minding the step children and rubbing his tight ass. The way Fernando plays with Skyler’s butt while sucking his cock I was sure that Skyler would be topped first and he was. Fernando fucks Skyler on his back with legs in the air. Once he’s had his fill, Fernando scoots up to sit on Skyler’s 8 inch pole. Fernando bounces up and down on Skyler’s cock with his own dick looking huge as is bounces in rhythm with the motion.  Fernando loves the feeling of Skyler’s dick in his ass as much as Skyler loves putting it there. The guys change positions so Skyler can continue fucking Fernando on his back. With Skyler pubes deep in Fernando’s butt, Fernando strokes his cock and sprays his load across his stomach. Skyler lays back to pump his own cock while Fernando watches intently with his mouth open for his cum dessert.  Skyler arches his back and sprays his jizz into Fernando’s waiting mouth for a finish that leaves Fernando, Skyler, and me fully satisfied.





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