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Straight Marine Gets Blowjob For Cash

Watch Raph’s full video at Straight Fraternity

Raph is a thin, straight, marine that recently got engaged and needs some money for the wedding his girl deserves. So how does an enlisted man make extra cash over the holidays? Easy… go to the straight fraternity house, show them your thick cock, and let the pledge master blow you. Raph is pretty comfortable talking about himself and his straightness then gets a little nervous as he takes off his clothes. Raph has a thin body with smooth chest and slightly hairy stomach. The real eye popper comes as he lowers his boxer briefs and his thick semi-hard cock flops out. Damn his cock looks nice! The pledge master must think so too because it isn’t long after Raph starts getting hard that his hand and mouth are all over the amateur marine’s hard dick. Raph gets comfortable after a bit and leans back to enjoy the attention being provided to his cock and hairy balls. The second best part of the video is the cumshot. As Raph gets close his head tilts back and his upper chest get red as the pressure inside him builds. His cumshot doesn’t spray as much as some of the other men at Straight Fraternity but it looks awfully nice pooling in the hair of his belly and thick bushy pubes. The pledge master likes Raph’s cum so much that he reaches down and scoops some up for himself. I hope that his girlfriend appreciates the length that Raph goes to make her happy. I know that I sure did.

Straight marine Raph gets a gay blow job for cash

Devin Brody Services America’s Cock

Devin Brody sucks America's uncut cock then gets fucked in the ass
Straight boy America is hooked up with Devin Brody by Dirty Tony and the action couldn’t get any better or dirtier. The guys start with an interview. America talks about all the girls he’s been with and makes it clear to Devin and us that there will be no romance, kissing, or love making. America is there to get off, period! Devin is happy to oblige the straight jock. He starts by unzipping America’s pants and sucking his hard uncut cock. The size of America’s dick and some precum start to gag Devin. Devin flips the straight boy over and puts his tongue to use rimming America’s hairy ass. Devin seems to really get into the rimming more than the cock sucking and America likes it all but is ready to start fucking. Devin strips down to a white jock strap and starts riding America’s cock. Once Devin’s ass is good and open America flips him onto his back where he continues to pound the hell out of the gay bottom’s butt. America told us there would be no romance but didn’t say there would be no mercy. When he gets close America pulls from Devin’s ass and slides up to jerk his load into Devin’s open mouth. Even though Devin didn’t get hard or get off he looks satisfied as he lays smiling and face covered with cum.

see more at Dirty Tony

Michael Jerks 8 Inch Cock

Tattooed straight guy strokes his 8 inch cock

Michael is a 23 year old straight guy with a smooth tattooed body and impressive 8.5 inch cock that he strokes for us this week at Cruiser Boys. During his interview Michael says that he likes partying with his friends and outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and shooting. It’s easy for me to see him as an outdoors kind of guy wearing a flannel shirt and brown work pants as he starts to get naked. His black ink tattoo collection is interesting, especially the hinges on both his elbows. The real eye catcher is his big 8.5 inch dick. An 8 inch cock is already good sized for anyone but putting on a dude that’s only 5’10” and it looks huge. Michael spends plenty of time playing with his 5 pounds of swinging meat in his first and hopefully not last jack off video.

Michael gets off at Cruiser Boys

Kaden Recruits Evan to Jerk Off at Active Duty

Smooth and tattooed navy boy Evan jerks his big cock

Kaden has been such a hit at Active Duty that Dink sent him out to recruit some of his navy buddies to get naked and get off for us. One of Kaden’s first was this beautiful specimen, Evan. It seems strange to use the word beautiful to describe a tattooed military man but it fits Evan perfectly. His short strawberry blond hair sets off his sparkling blue eyes and his face is completely smooth. Not like a close shave smooth but more like a “I don’t shave yet” smooth. Except for a little hair under his arms, around his butt hole, and the lower half of his legs, the rest of Evan is smooth as well. Evan is different from the majority of Active Duty men too in that he isn’t a real muscular guy. His is a lean body free of extra fat but not packed with bulging muscles either. He like other Active Duty models when it comes to his cock and ability to perform though. When this cute twinkish dude lowers his pants and that big semi hard cock is seen for the first time my mouth started to water instantly. His shaved cock looks to be about 7.5 to 8 inches with a nice thick and veiny shaft. For a first timer straight guy, Evan doesn’t mind showing it all off, giving plenty of close ups of his butt and hole before he sits down to stroke his dick.

Evan’s video is streaming this week at Active Duty

Tristan Scott’s Poolside Jerk Off

Tristan Scott strokes his cock by the pool

The scouts at Randy Blue definitely have a knack for finding some of the hottest amateurs in gay porn. Tristan Scott is the latest newbie to make the plunge. He has already done a Randy Blue live webcam show with members and was so well received that they are setting him up to come back for some man on man action. The pictures above are from his first photo and video performance. Tristan relaxes by the pool in warm Palm Springs. You can see the beads of sweat on his semi-smooth chest and the glare off his sun glasses. Tristan is so GQ that he could easily be a mainstream model. Even before seeing him naked, Tristan would get me looking twice (or more) to any pair of underwear he was selling. His tight white swim suite shows a nice bulge from his thick cock. Tristan lowers his shorts to let it out and jerks off in a lounge chair beside the pool. Tristan’s cock is about real life average size but looks very nice in combination with his ripped abs and trimmed pubes. Although average length, it has some girth to it. When he is finished he gets into the pool naked to cool off. His light brown to sun bleached blond hair and big friendly smile looks amazing with the blue-green water behind him. It’s very easy to see why he was so well received and I have a feeling that Tristan won’t be “an amateur” much longer.

see Tristan’s free preview video here

College Reds Give Head

College boyz dressed in red give frat brothers head

While there aren’t any redhead men in this set, these college boys are dressed in red and definitely give plenty of head. The guys display their painted asses from the back of red union suites before receiving a thorough paddling. Once their butts are good and red the guys butts are given a break as attention moves to their mouths. Two of the paddlers unzip their jeans to withdraw their college cocks. One after the other the guys take their fraternity brother’s cock in their mouth. The guy with the gray track pants is not only big but also uncut. Most of the pledges gag as his thick dick goes past their lips. One guy stands out and displays some cock sucking skill as he takes both of the older boys dicks in his mouth at the same time. As you can see in the picture above, one lucky guy even gets his face covered with cum in the end!

see the free video preview here

Casey Jerks His Uncut Cock

Casey jacks his uncut cock

Casey’s profile page at Spunkworthy says he is a 23 year old southern straight boy on vacation in San Diego and listening to him talk for only a few seconds the southern part is obvious. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a thing for guys with an accent and the southern drawl, dark red hair, and friendly personality of Casey makes him doable. And that is before he takes off his clothes. Of course his athletic body with smooth chest and ripped abs covered with dark hair. His upper body is good but it’s just the preview of even better things to come (no pun intended). When Casey takes off his pants to show us his uncut cock and ass it seals the deal! The owner of Spunkworthy tells Casey that his uncut loving members are going to go gaga over his foreskin he says casually that there is plenty of it there to love. For a straight guy doing his first porn video, Casey seems very relaxed in front of the camera and has little to no trouble getting hard. He also didn’t mind showing us his round jock ass. His ass cheeks are smooth but there’s a definite line of dark red hair surrounding his virgin hole. Once he is done playing with his foreskin and showing off his bubble butt, Casey relaxes on the black leather chair that so many amateur men before him have used to jerk off. Even without his hand around the base the shaft of Casey’s hard cock has thick veins that stand out providing extra pleasure to who ever he fucks. Lastly is the cumshot. Casey tells us that he likes to jerk off 2-3 times a day so I wasn’t expecting much in the way of an impressive cumshot. I was delighted to see that Casey does well in that department too! The jizz didn’t really fly as much as other guys but it sure did make a nice mess of while on the dark hair of his upper leg and stomach. Casey will be added to my favorite amateur men list for sure.

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