What – No Cocksucker?

Doug sucks Paco

If you’ve seen the previous posts here about NY Straight Men then you already know the set up… Horny straight guys go to a NYC apartment where professional gay cock suckers get them off. The straight guys have nothing to do except get naked, get hard, and get off. It is very rare that and reciprocation takes place and that is okay. Until today anyway…

Paco and Doug have both been over before and were ready to get an awesome blowjob from any number of gay men that love straight guy cock. There was an issue when they arrived though, no cock sucker. Neither guy was prepared for this but both were horny and needing to get off so they strip naked and start jerking off next to each other on the sofa. Paco could tell that Doug wasn’t having a good time and finally makes the move to initiate his first try at satisfying another man. Paco knows what he likes having done to him and moves in to do it for Doug. Paco licks the straight guys hairy chest and bites on his nipple a little before moving to lick Doug’s musky arm pit. The licking gets Doug harder and in the mood for more. paco has already gone this far and takes things to the next level; putting Doug’s hard cock in his mouth. Paco takes the role of cock sucker and blows Doug while jerking his own dick. Eventually both men blow cum across their hairy stomachs to end the scene with a smile. I’m just not so sure we’ll see Paco back again any time soon. Doug… maybe?

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