Price Services David and Kyle at Broke Straight Boys

Wow, Kyle has been very busy at Broke Straight boys the past month and I am definitely NOT complaining. The first time I seen him was his jerk off video that went online December 6th. There was something about him (aside from his nice cock) that I liked but couldn’t put my finger on. Since then he has appeared in duo scenes with Price twice. They have a nice chemistry between them and Price is probably one of the better experienced straight boys to break a newbie in. Today I was looking around and noticed the video posted above. It was during the initial jerk off where the three guys: David, Price, and Kyle are sitting next to each other stroking their cocks that it hit me why I’m so infatuated with Kyle. He reminds me of a geeky up and coming movie star, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Once I noticed the resemblance the size of his dick became even more appealing to me. Price is one lucky dude to have been with Kyle already but to throw in another amateur straight boy, David and we’ve hit the trifecta! The scene is pretty standard BSB flair with a few fun parts thrown in for good measure. The boys strip naked and start jerking on the futon. Kyle’s dick is hard quick and Price is semi hard when they do the BSB wave with David sucking Price and Price sucking Kyle. If you like young men with natural, untrimmed pubes you’re going to love the close up as Price goes down Kyle’s long shaft to bury his face in a big brown bush. They reverse positions so that each reciprocates with the sucking. Price is really into it and continues sucking both guys cocks with both David and Kyle standing between him. He moves back and forth taking both guys cock in his mouth then gets on his hands and knees for Kyle to fuck him as he continues sucking on David. No offense to David because I think he is cute and fun but he doesn’t seem to be into this scene as much as Kyle and Price. Again, those two have a real chemistry between them. Kyle long strokes Price’s ass, moving his full length of cock in and out of Price’s hungry hole. Price must be tighter than Kyle’s girlfriend or Kyle is just really horny because he cums pretty quick after changing positions. David’s turn with Price is next. Price sits on David’s dick and takes a ride as Kyle sucks his dick. It was this part that I realized who Kyle looks like. Finally, Price leans back to jerk out his load while the other two finger his butt hole and massage his balls.

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