Parker Perry Gets Fucked By Straight Bartender

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Caruso and gay porn regular Parker Perry are at a setting up for a studio poolside party and notice the bartender. Parker is horny and Caruso has a video camera to catch some action later so they go over and start some small talk. The small talk doesn’t last long at all when the bartender says his name is Girth. Really… Girth? It’s a nickname that was given to him by an old girlfriend and it sort of stuck. The guys really want to see it now and tell him that they are in the porno business. Nearly every guy in America wants to do porn and Girth is no exception. He gets excited at the possibility of a career fucking hot chicks. Caruso tells him that he needs to be comfortable naked and get hard on cue if he is going to make it in adult movies. Girth drops his pants to whip out his dick. Even soft it is about 6 thick inches and grows to 9 inches when hard. Parker really wants that beer bottle sized cock in him now and Caruso is willing to offer the straight guy the cash to make it happen. Girth is a little disappointed when he finds that Bait Buddies is a gay porn site but agrees to do a scene with Parker after negotiating for a larger pay.

Parker gets right to work sucking the big guys thick cock. We’ve seen Parker suck some dick before but Girth’s cock is so thick that it gags even him a few times. Girth is loving the oral attention that previous girlfriends have never been able to provide. He says that it is the best blowjob he has ever had. Parker gets Girth very hard and then puts a condom on the straight boy’s big cock and starts to lube it up. Girth says he doesn’t fuck dudes and doesn’t want to continue with the filming. Parker tells the big guy that if he thought the sucking was good he’s going to love fucking some ass. Girth pushes his fat dick into Parker from a standing position first then Parker climbs on to ride it while Girth reclines in a big deck chair. Girth really loved the hot mouth on Parker and finishes getting off with Parker kneeling in front of him. After both guys shoot their load Caruso talk some more with Girth. he admits that sex with another guy was better than he thought it would be and the blowjob was the best he ever had. Girth offers to do another scene as long as there are some girls involved. I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing that at Bait Buddies any time soon but there will be another straight guy having gay sex for cash, next week.

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