Hawaii Surfer Strokes His Long Banana

Reed strokes his long cock

If Reed’s jack off video went up earlier in the year he would have been one of the member’s favorites of 2010. I know because the favorites of Island Studs 2010 were my personal choices as well. Reed has many of the same qualities plus a big bonus. After riding some waves, he returns with his board and a desire to get off. It is obvious that Reed spends time in the sun with his dark tan. His white ass looks nice and really contrasts well with his darker parts. When you first look at Reed’s dick it looks about average. As it swings while walking across the beach it seems to keep getting longer. By the time he settles down on a piece of driftwood it is really long and looking huge. Reed starts his stroking to get it good and hard. The only problem with guys like Reed is that his cock is so big that it doesn’t stand up when stiff. That’s okay for me as I’d still love to play with his big banana. Reed strokes his dick and rubs his ripped belly until he cums. After his jerk off session he walks to a nearby shower to clean up. Seeing his dark lean body with warm water running down his chest and off the end of his cock was enough to start getting me hard again.

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