Dan Carver’s Poolside Suck

Dan Carver getting a blowjob by the pool

Straight English jock Dan Carver is back showing us his hard body and uncut cock. This time around he is having some fun with Justin Harris in the pool. The guys toss a ball around, splash, and wrestle a bit. When Dan starts to get out Justin grabs his shorts and starts to pull them down. Dan has been naked a number of times and doesn’t mind showing off his amazing body or cock. Justin wants more than just to see it. He grabs hold of Dan’s dick and starts sucking him while they are still in the pool. Once Dan is hard he knows that the sucking must continue until he gets off and moves out of the water for easier access by Justin and a better view for us. Once out of the water Dan stands along the edge for the dick sucking to continue.

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