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Price Services David and Kyle at Broke Straight Boys

Wow, Kyle has been very busy at Broke Straight boys the past month and I am definitely NOT complaining. The first time I seen him was his jerk off video that went online December 6th. There was something about him (aside from his nice cock) that I liked but couldn’t put my finger on. Since then he has appeared in duo scenes with Price twice. They have a nice chemistry between them and Price is probably one of the better experienced straight boys to break a newbie in. Today I was looking around and noticed the video posted above. It was during the initial jerk off where the three guys: David, Price, and Kyle are sitting next to each other stroking their cocks that it hit me why I’m so infatuated with Kyle. He reminds me of a geeky up and coming movie star, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Once I noticed the resemblance the size of his dick became even more appealing to me. Price is one lucky dude to have been with Kyle already but to throw in another amateur straight boy, David and we’ve hit the trifecta! The scene is pretty standard BSB flair with a few fun parts thrown in for good measure. The boys strip naked and start jerking on the futon. Kyle’s dick is hard quick and Price is semi hard when they do the BSB wave with David sucking Price and Price sucking Kyle. If you like young men with natural, untrimmed pubes you’re going to love the close up as Price goes down Kyle’s long shaft to bury his face in a big brown bush. They reverse positions so that each reciprocates with the sucking. Price is really into it and continues sucking both guys cocks with both David and Kyle standing between him. He moves back and forth taking both guys cock in his mouth then gets on his hands and knees for Kyle to fuck him as he continues sucking on David. No offense to David because I think he is cute and fun but he doesn’t seem to be into this scene as much as Kyle and Price. Again, those two have a real chemistry between them. Kyle long strokes Price’s ass, moving his full length of cock in and out of Price’s hungry hole. Price must be tighter than Kyle’s girlfriend or Kyle is just really horny because he cums pretty quick after changing positions. David’s turn with Price is next. Price sits on David’s dick and takes a ride as Kyle sucks his dick. It was this part that I realized who Kyle looks like. Finally, Price leans back to jerk out his load while the other two finger his butt hole and massage his balls.

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Nude Massage Turns To Cock Sucking and Fucking

Blake Autry and Josh Slyman - nude massage suck and fuck

From the get go this has to be a great scene! Hunky stud Blake Autry comes in for his massage wearing nothing except a towel and a smile. Josh Slyman is administering Blake’s massage and tells him to remove the towel and lie on the bed face down. Josh is wearing only a loose pair of boxers when the back rub begins. There are some sites where the naked massage would be enough but not at College Dudes. As Josh strokes and kneads Blake’s muscular back his dick starts to get hard, causing an impressive tent and rubbing against Blake’s butt and lower back. Blake feels it and knows instantly that this is definitely going to end with a happy ending. He flips over to give Josh access to his dick which is soft now but won’t be for long as Josh starts rubbing and sucking it. Blake is good and hard now and ready for some action. He sucks on Josh’s dick a bit then rolls him onto his hands and knees to prep the college jocks ass. He spits on the hairy hole and inserts a few fingers only long enough to feel it loosen a little then puts on a condom and mounts his skinny masseur. Blake pounds Josh from behind first. From all the moaning and grunting, it sure sounds like Josh is loving it. Josh flips onto his back to stroke his dick as Blake continues fucking him with legs lifted in the air. The overhead camera angle during this part is my favorite as Blake pulls all the way out to the head of his cock before pushing it back in and we get to see every hard inch of it enter. All good things come to an end and this is no exception as both men shoot their load in an explosive finish to a very sexy massage session.

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Mathias’ Hotel Jerk Off

Mathias jerks off and sprays cum across his skinny body

This hotel room jerk off scene with first timer Mathias is what amateur gay porn is all about. Mathias was anxious to get started but a little nervous about being able to perform. He strips down to a pair of black underwear in the hotel room then gets on the bed to show us his cock and rub one out. His skinny body body is mostly smooth with a bit of hair on his stomach that goes to a bushy bed of pubes. There’s no airbrushing of his skin that contains patches of pale (maybe from scarring or mild vitiligo) but that doesn’t stop this lad from looking all kinds of doable as he lays back to stroke his growing cock. Like a lot of newbies, Mathias doesn’t get fancy, instead he gets right to business jerking his dick. Lucky he pauses for a bit to give a close up view of his dick with precum dripping from the head then gets right back to it pumping his cock until he sprays a big stream of cum that goes about half way up his chest and pools around the hair surrounding his navel.

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Jake’s Christmas Jerk Off – Plus

Jake B jacks off in front of Christmas tree

The guys at Southern Strokes have made Christmas special again this year with the addition of a new first timer, Jake B. Jake contacted the owners online and was really excited about meeting up to do his first shoot. One look at this cute young man and they knew straight away that he was perfect for the holiday update. Jake does a slow strip in front of the Christmas tree. Looking at his face, I thought he would have more hair on his chest but nope, he’s about as smooth as they come and it looks naturally smooth, not shaved. He teases us by putting a wrapped present in front of his soft cock as his underwear come off then shows off his smooth round ass before turning his attention to his growing cock. Jake sits down on a chair covered with a red blanket and starts playing with his dick. His cock is about average size with trimmed pubes and smooth balls. Jake puts one leg up so we can see the edge of his crack and watch his balls move up and down as he jacks away. Aside from his very cute looks, Jake’s next best attribute (in my very biased opinion) is his cumshot. I love guys that can shoot the cum and Jake definitely shoots a nice load. The cum goes up to the middle of his chest and leaves a sticky trail down his smooth body.

Christmas Bonus

Jake was so excited about his jack off video and the owners were so impressed with his first performance that Jake came back the next day to get fucked by Ryan. They do it on the floor right in front of the same tree. This bisexual southern boy sure can take a cock and looks just as good as anyone doing it.

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Hawaii Surfer Strokes His Long Banana

Reed strokes his long cock

If Reed’s jack off video went up earlier in the year he would have been one of the member’s favorites of 2010. I know because the favorites of Island Studs 2010 were my personal choices as well. Reed has many of the same qualities plus a big bonus. After riding some waves, he returns with his board and a desire to get off. It is obvious that Reed spends time in the sun with his dark tan. His white ass looks nice and really contrasts well with his darker parts. When you first look at Reed’s dick it looks about average. As it swings while walking across the beach it seems to keep getting longer. By the time he settles down on a piece of driftwood it is really long and looking huge. Reed starts his stroking to get it good and hard. The only problem with guys like Reed is that his cock is so big that it doesn’t stand up when stiff. That’s okay for me as I’d still love to play with his big banana. Reed strokes his dick and rubs his ripped belly until he cums. After his jerk off session he walks to a nearby shower to clean up. Seeing his dark lean body with warm water running down his chest and off the end of his cock was enough to start getting me hard again.

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What – No Cocksucker?

Doug sucks Paco

If you’ve seen the previous posts here about NY Straight Men then you already know the set up… Horny straight guys go to a NYC apartment where professional gay cock suckers get them off. The straight guys have nothing to do except get naked, get hard, and get off. It is very rare that and reciprocation takes place and that is okay. Until today anyway…

Paco and Doug have both been over before and were ready to get an awesome blowjob from any number of gay men that love straight guy cock. There was an issue when they arrived though, no cock sucker. Neither guy was prepared for this but both were horny and needing to get off so they strip naked and start jerking off next to each other on the sofa. Paco could tell that Doug wasn’t having a good time and finally makes the move to initiate his first try at satisfying another man. Paco knows what he likes having done to him and moves in to do it for Doug. Paco licks the straight guys hairy chest and bites on his nipple a little before moving to lick Doug’s musky arm pit. The licking gets Doug harder and in the mood for more. paco has already gone this far and takes things to the next level; putting Doug’s hard cock in his mouth. Paco takes the role of cock sucker and blows Doug while jerking his own dick. Eventually both men blow cum across their hairy stomachs to end the scene with a smile. I’m just not so sure we’ll see Paco back again any time soon. Doug… maybe?

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Parker Perry Gets Fucked By Straight Bartender

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Caruso and gay porn regular Parker Perry are at a setting up for a studio poolside party and notice the bartender. Parker is horny and Caruso has a video camera to catch some action later so they go over and start some small talk. The small talk doesn’t last long at all when the bartender says his name is Girth. Really… Girth? It’s a nickname that was given to him by an old girlfriend and it sort of stuck. The guys really want to see it now and tell him that they are in the porno business. Nearly every guy in America wants to do porn and Girth is no exception. He gets excited at the possibility of a career fucking hot chicks. Caruso tells him that he needs to be comfortable naked and get hard on cue if he is going to make it in adult movies. Girth drops his pants to whip out his dick. Even soft it is about 6 thick inches and grows to 9 inches when hard. Parker really wants that beer bottle sized cock in him now and Caruso is willing to offer the straight guy the cash to make it happen. Girth is a little disappointed when he finds that Bait Buddies is a gay porn site but agrees to do a scene with Parker after negotiating for a larger pay.

Parker gets right to work sucking the big guys thick cock. We’ve seen Parker suck some dick before but Girth’s cock is so thick that it gags even him a few times. Girth is loving the oral attention that previous girlfriends have never been able to provide. He says that it is the best blowjob he has ever had. Parker gets Girth very hard and then puts a condom on the straight boy’s big cock and starts to lube it up. Girth says he doesn’t fuck dudes and doesn’t want to continue with the filming. Parker tells the big guy that if he thought the sucking was good he’s going to love fucking some ass. Girth pushes his fat dick into Parker from a standing position first then Parker climbs on to ride it while Girth reclines in a big deck chair. Girth really loved the hot mouth on Parker and finishes getting off with Parker kneeling in front of him. After both guys shoot their load Caruso talk some more with Girth. he admits that sex with another guy was better than he thought it would be and the blowjob was the best he ever had. Girth offers to do another scene as long as there are some girls involved. I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing that at Bait Buddies any time soon but there will be another straight guy having gay sex for cash, next week.





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