Zander is in the War Chest

Zander shows off his tight tattooed body and big hard dick

Zandre’s video is streaming now in the war chest

Ya gotta love it when Dink brings back hotties like Zander. This 21 year old Buffalo native did a solo photo shoot for Active duty and then a jerk off video. As you can see in his pictures, Zander is a very good looking guy. He has just above average looks fully dressed. He looks nice shirtless showing off the tattoo on his smooth chest and his toned hairy belly. As he pulls his pants down to give us a peek at his cock Zander becomes all that much more exciting. In the video he is such a tease. You gotta love these straight guys that know the camera guy wants in on the fun but can’t. Even soft, Zander has a good looking cock. Dink must have thought so as well because he smiles when seeing it and Zander’s personality changes. Zander’s cock gets hard with nearly any stroking and he starts egging Dink to come over and take care of him. With a dude as cute and hung as as Zander you know that it won’t be long before someone takes him up on his offer for a hand job. Dink moves in to massage his rock hard cock. As Dink’s hand moves up and down the shaft, Zander’s balls tighten up to his body and his legs start to tense just before he blows a huge load. The cum shoots out onto his stomach then continues flowing out covering Zander’s cock and Dink’s hand with a thick layer of cum. You can see the solo pictures as well as Zander’s hand job video this week in the war chest at Active Duty.

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